YouTuber Matt Scharff And His Girlfriend Maddie Henderson Golf Challenge Became A Hit

Matt Scharff is a famous YouTuber mostly recognized for his content videos related to golf. Scharff is not just a Youtuber but also a TikTok creator born in Kansas, United States.

The social media celebrity and content developer Matt has a series of golf and sports trick-shot films that has kept his fans captivated.

Following the success of his golf videos, the YouTuber attracted over 248k subscribers. He rose to prominence after broadcasting footage of two hole-in-ones, one of which was on a par 4.

Scharff has posted a total of 381 videos on his official Youtube channel. Besides being established as a content creator, Matt is also invested in a clothing brand called GoodGood.

GoodGood is a team formed of five golf players, including Matt, who are from totally different backgrounds having the same hardcore passion for golf.

Who Is YouTuber Matt Scharff’s Girlfriend, Maddie Henderson?

Mathew better recognized as Matt is a content producer and social media figure who rose to prominence for his golf videos with his girlfriend, Maddie on Youtube.

Maddie Henderson is a Tiktok celebrity with a sizable Instagram following of over 205k followers.

Henderson gained fame through her TikTok account, maddiehen02, where she frequently uploads lifestyle, humorous, and dancing videos.

Maddie was also a part of a well-dancin group Bad Dancer for a brief time. Previously, the Youtuber’s partner, Maddie was a high school cheerleader.

As recognized as a TikTok star, Maddie is also often seen with her boyfriend, now fiance, Matt’s Youtube videos.

The duo has fun making videos together. Furthermore, their golf films are well-liked by spectators.

The hype of the couple’s Youtube videos started with Matt teaching Maddie to golf and progressed to a few golf challenges and many more.

Gradually, the YouTuber amassed over 750,000 TikTok admirers and over 240,000 YouTube subscribers.

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Scharff And His Girlfriend’s Age Difference: How Old Are They?

Both Scharff and his girlfriend have been in everyone’s attention ever since Youber posted him proposing to Maddie.

Matt was born on April 6, 1997, making him 25 years old whereas his girlfriend, Maddie is five years younger than Matt. 

Henderson was born on April 2, 2002, resulting a 20 years old young lady. Both Matt and Maddie share the same birth month and have the same horoscope Aries as well.

Having the same birth month might be the reason for the couple’s great compatibility. The couple can also be seen enjoying their time with one another on their official Instagram page.

Maddie has a pretty good fan base on her Instagram, maddiehen02., where Henderson along with Mathew announced their engagement not too long ago.

Both Maddie and Matt recently posted engagement proposal pictures and videos on their Instagram and fans are going all crazy about it.

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The Hit Golf Challenges Between Matt And Maddie

The golf videos created by the couple, Matt and Maddie are prominently found on their main Youtube channel, MattScharff.

Matt used to post golf content 3 years back, but it was not until the recent year that he started to earn all the attention after making videos together with his partner.

Maddie made her first appearance in Matt’s YouTube video back in 2020 titled ‘Epic Golf Horse With My Girlfriend’ which has 48k views now.

Similarly, the couple together has created numerous golf videos such as ‘Maddie’s got anew golf driver’, ‘My GF and I had a match together and many other couple-related golf contents.

Scharff recently posed a video a day before titled ‘My Girlfriend And I Had A Match And Took It Low!’ which has already received 56k views in a day.

Viewers seem to enjoy the couple’s golf content together as Matt is a professional player and Maddie is an amateur player learning from her partner.

People also seem to enjoy seeing the transformation of Maddie’s golf skills throughout the year. The couple keeps posting golf videos every week to keep their fans entertained and engaged.

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Matt Scharff And Maddie Henderson Net Worth Comparison: How Much Do They Make?

Mathew and his partner, Maddie, are well-established in their career path. While Matt is a well-known YouTuber well-recognized for his golf videos, Maddie is an Internet model.

The content producer, Matt, is a member of the Good Good golf YouTube creative collective and has a net worth of around $100,000.

The varsity cheerleader, Henderson, on the other hand, has a net worth of roughly $50,000.

Although it seems that Matt has exactly double the amount net worth compared to his partner, Maddie, it is just an estimation and the exact numbers have not been out.

Despite that, the couple is now engaged and soon to be married. Many fans have also congratulated the couple through various social media platforms on their engagement.