Why Did Zac And Elizabeth Break Up and How Long Were They Still Together After Love Island?

Zac Mirabelli and Elizabeth Weber from Love Island USA season one broke up in December 2019.

Love Island, USA is the American version of the famous British dating reality show Love Island, UK. The show aired on 9 July 2019 and was broadcasted by the CBS network.

The first season of Love Island USA introduced Zac Mirabelli, 22, and Elizabeth Weber, 24, along with 23 other contestants. The two love birds paired up from the first day on the set. It only took a single conversation for the couple to decide they wanted to be together. They were the winner of the season.

For Zac, it was love at first sight when he saw Elizabeth in the Love Villa in Fiji. He was certain that Elizabeth was the one he wanted to be with. He then proposed to Elizabeth. She too confessed her love for the 22-year-old model after which they started dating.

Zac and Elizabeth claimed the top spot and took away the prize money of $100,000, and started making plans for their future outside Love Island. But only after a few months they parted ways.

Why Did The Long Island Couple Zac and Elizabeth Break Up?

Zac and Elizabeth broke up after a few months of dating due to their differences in thoughts and expectations.

Zac stated through his Instagram that his breakup with Elizabeth was mutual. They split on a good term with no hard feelings. They just wanted different things.

Elizabeth Weber, on her YouTube channel, said they needed a break from each other and some time away from each other. The real-life experiences and problems are the factors that resulted in the split because it was totally different from what they experienced on the island for a month.

Elizabeth, providing an update through a video on 28 January 2020, said, “Zach and I, we split in December. I think when we first got back from the show, everything was on such high-high that the minute we started experiencing real-life problems, in real-world situations that were happening, it was just a hard adjustment for both of us. And I think we just started being super stressed out with all kinds of things happening, and when we split, I think it was just like we needed a break from each other and time away from each other.”

Elizabeth stated that she was trying to reconcile with Zac. Sadly, that never happened. She said to TV Shows Ace, “Although I had wished things could’ve turned out differently, life always doesn’t work the way we could’ve hoped sometimes. We will always be grateful for all the amazing memories from Love Island.”

How Long Were Zac and Elizabeth Together for?

Zac and Elizabeth were in a relationship for four months before they called it quits.

They first met on the villa of Love Island on August 2019. The love birds fell for each other in their very first meeting. In one of the confessionals, Zac stated, “I feel like we connect and have a solid understanding of one another. I believe that everything that happened was what needed to occur at the proper time and location.” 

The couple shared many beautiful moments when they were together. On 19 August 2019, Elizabeth shared a photo on her Instagram page and captioned it, “So happy you finally got to meet my family and friends.”  The location was Birmingham, Michigan.

On 10 September, they attended the New York Fashion Week. The couple shared a beautiful photo of them looking all glammed up. Elizabeth wore designer clothes from JAUS, an Australian fashion brand.

The couple called quits on their relationship on December 2019, Elizabeth said in her video. The aftermath of the breakup may have shaken up both, but they have gone their different paths.

Where are Zac and Elizabeth From Love Island Now?

After their breakup, Elizabeth Weber and Zac Mirabelli have been entirely focused on building their career.

Where is Elizabeth Weber now?

Elizabeth Weber is a full-time job holder and a YouTuber. She works as an Influencer Specialist in a Marketing & Advertising Agency and makes YouTube Vlogs.

On February 2022, she uploaded a video and shared about her new job. She revealed that she had been interviewing for jobs for the last two months and finally landed one in January. She said, “I am working for a creative agency based out of Toronto, Canada. I am an Influencer Specialist and a Social Media Strategist.”

The revelation was quite a shocker because most of the audience had only known her as a social media influencer, model, and TV star. This side of her was unseen and unknown to most. She added, “You guys got to know me as a nice Love Island Elizabeth. You see me on posts on social media about fitness. But I do have this huge marketing side and creative side to me that I’m really excited to be expressing now. Working hard and having a more scheduled lifestyle has been really good for me.”

She worked with a lot of renowned brands as an Influencer. But she felt the necessity to explore more of her creative side as a marketer. In her own words, “This could lead to really great things and is opening that level of creativity I didn’t get fully by working just as an Influencer with certain brands.” As an influencer, she “wasn’t really capitalizing on or thinking too much into the strategy of it and just taking things as they go.” 

She is active on social media platforms. Her Instagram account (@ewebzz) has 224K followers. She promotes different brands, shares her fitness routine, and much more. She also has a TikTok account with 377.8K followers, where she posts her glamorous side of hers. Her YouTube “Elizabeth Weber” channel has 21.9K subscribers.

Where is Zac Mirabelli Now?

Zac is an Instagram model and Youtuber. He has kept himself busy at the gym and vlogging. 

He has 141K followers on his Instagram, where he displays his modeling prowess. He has a YouTube channel, “Zac Mirabelli,” which has 6.34K subscribers.

He posted a video on 10 July 2021 from Chicago to share his plans for the future after the pandemic. He shared that he was working on an IG TV series. 

He took a hiatus from the social media platform during the pandemic. The break was much needed because he “wasn’t in the best place mentally at the time.” Through the video, he informed the viewers that he was ready to continue Vlogging and deliver more content from thereon.