Who was Nan Witcomb? Adelaide former talkback host and poet dies aged 95

Remembering Nan Witcomb: Adelaide’s Pioneering Talkback Host, Poet, and Aviation Luminary

The city of Adelaide mourns the loss of a beloved figure as Nan Witcomb, former talkback host, poet, and aviation luminary, passed away at the age of 95. Her death was announced on Saturday, November 18, 2023.

Her life was marked by a rich tapestry of experiences that touched the lives of those who knew her and the countless listeners who tuned in to hear her words.

“The Thoughts of Nanushka”: Poetry That Touched Hearts

Nan Witcomb’s poetic talents shone brightly through her simple yet profound verses published over three decades as “The Thoughts of Nanushka.” Her poems, imbued with wisdom and sensitivity, resonated with a diverse audience, making her a cherished poet in the hearts of many.

Broadcasting Brilliance: A Renowned Talkback Host

Nan Witcomb’s influence extended beyond the written word. As a broadcaster and raconteur, she captivated audiences not only in Adelaide but also on the national stage through appearances on television. Her ability to connect with listeners and viewers alike showcased her unique gift for communication.

Aviation Adventures: Hostess, Memoirist, and Industry Confidante

Before her radio and poetry career, Nan Witcomb made her mark in the aviation industry as a former hostess for Australian National Airlines, later known as Ansett Australia.

Her experiences and insights during her aviation years were captured in her memoir, “Up Here and Down There.”

Nan was not only a witness to the aviation industry’s evolution but also a confidante to many flight attendants, offering support during the challenging times, including the demise of Ansett.

A Lasting Impact: Nan Witcomb’s Enduring Legacy

Nan Witcomb’s multifaceted career and influence have left a lasting impact on Adelaide and beyond. Her legacy as a poet, talkback host, and aviation luminary will be remembered by those who were touched by her words and wisdom.