Who Is TikTok Star Marie Temara? Internet Model Popular On Social Media For Her Tall Height

 The trending name of Marie Temara stands tall both in real life and on the web with her enormous height.

She stands more than taller than an average American woman, making it a unique feature of herself. Hence, she has garnered the attention of millions of netizens who are fascinated by her confidence in life and TikTok videos.

Temara enjoys more than 600k followers on the video-sharing platform, making her a notable TikTok star.

TikTok Star Marie Temara Has An Impressive Height Of 6 Ft. 2 Inches

New York Post confirms that Marie Temara stands tall at a towering height of 6 feet 2 inches, giving tough competition to many athletes and male models.

She has recently made her height a means of earning through the web, giving an example of confidence and love for herself.

The TikTok star mainly makes TikTok videos on her height and comparing things to it. Her TikTok fame has seen her gain more fame on other social media platforms, including Instagram and Only Fans.

Moreover, she uses the web as a medium to share her story of being bullied for her height and overcoming it.

It was pretty hard for her to live a life where she was called out for her big height since she was young. Today, Temara has evolved into someone loving the same thing that once brought her shame.

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Model Temara Started Doing TikToks In 2021 After A Series Of Painful Events

The Florida resident faced many problems in her life due to her giant stature. She was bullied as a school student and later faced difficulties in her love life as her enormous height would be a problem for her partner.

In 2020, she lost her job as an accountant and went through a breakup right after. With so many essential things gone in life, Temara resorted to TikTok and passed her time there.

She quickly found fame on the site as her videos about comparing her height to everyday things went viral. With a loyal fanbase, she then shifted to Only Fans for making money.

India Times confirms that she now makes an average of $80k to $100k from her web presence alone.

Marie is thrilled to have found fame and earned money by making videos on the web. With her time occupied, she has left behind her painful memories and is looking forward to more thrilling adventures.

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Marie Temara Hails From A Family Of Giants

Marie is not the only one in her family to stand at such a significant height. Her family pictures on Instagram assure that all family members are above 6 feet.

Her father is an inch taller than her, while her mother exceeds their height at 6 feet 5 inches.

Surprisingly, her two brothers win the height race at 6 feet 9 inches.

The Temara brothers, Shane and Troy, both are basketball players and the tallest in the family. Together, the whole family often groups up for Temara’s content.

Likewise, the videos have been well-received by the netizens who are supportive of once-bullied Temara.