Who Is Pinuppixie On TikTok? Internet Celebrity Bianca Blakney Is Trending On Social Media

TikTok has seen the rise of Pinuppixie with her cosplay content on the vintage lifestyle and dressing up.

The young lady has captured so many netizens’ attention that she boasts a whopping 10.4 million followers on the video-sharing platform.

Likewise, her popularity has reached far and wide as she has garnered extensive notability on other social media platforms as well.

Through her pseudonym, @Pinuppixie, Biance Blakney is the rising TikTok star, competing with many others.

Pinuppixie From TikTok Is Married To Her Unnamed Husband

TikTok’s vintage yet a young lady is confirmed to be a married woman, The Naija Fame reports.

It is for sure that her husband supports Pinuppixie’s web career, making her life easier as the couple looks over their family.

While it is confirmed that Pinuppixie is married, she has refrained from speaking about her marriage and her husband’s identity.

@pinuppixie SHES GETTING TOO BIG XD can you believe she’s 12 today?!?! It’s a joke by the way guys xD my kids are my best friends @definitely_not_jasmine89 ♬ original sound – Pinup pixie

Likewise, any insiders into Mr. Pinuppixie’s works and everyday life moments have stayed away from the web, unlike his TikTok star wife.

The couple has found a way to balance their marriage and Bianca’s busy schedules on the internet. Thus, their understanding of each other has resulted in a happy marriage.

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Bianca Blakney Aka Pinuppixie Is 24 Years Old But Found Fame Early Since 2017

Pinuppixie was born on November 25, 1997, in Canada. She is situated there, thriving with her family and web career at 24.

Bianca started making TikTok videos from the first as the platform amused her. It was only in 2017 when she came up with the idea of cosplaying the 1900s fashion for her TikTok content.

Since then, she has gradually evolved on TikTok as one of her genre’s most popular content creators and cosplaying.

@pinuppixie #stitch with @Elaine Johnston ♬ original sound – Pinup pixie

Finding success on the platform today, Pinuppixie has grown into a brand name, endorsing various brands on other social media as well.

While she has achieved significant success on the web, she is also a dotted mother to her three children. Her daughter Jasmine is a teenager, and she is also close to her two stepchildren, per her old TikTok videos.

The family lives in peace as they are accustomed to their mother’s wide fame and notability. The Blackney children briefly appeared on Bianca’s TikTok handle a few years back.

Vintage Cosplay Star Pinuppixie Net Worth Is Massive

The most notable vintage cosplayer on TikTok, Pinuppixie, screams luxury and most delicate possessions in her lifestyle, per her videos.

As a TikToker with over 10 million followers, she has thoroughly worked with numerous brands as its brand ambassador, earning impressively.

Without a doubt, this TikToker is a millionaire though she has resorted to privacy speaking about it.

Moroever, her brand endorsing projects are widely available on Instagram and TikTok, where she has worked with many national and international brands.

Bianca also owns a vintage blue car by Eddbarry Motors from Nanaimo, Vancouver Island, as seen on her Instagram. Her works mainly involve donning early 90s fashion, photoshoots, brand endorsements, and social media interactions.

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TikTok Star Bianca Blakney Is Also On Instagram

Bianca Blakney, aka the famous Pinuppixie, is active on Instagram under the username @pinuppixietm.

She has accumulated an impressive number of more than 347k followers on the platform.

Meanwhile, she mainly reposts her TikTok videos and shares her fantastic photoshoot pictures with her followers. The 24-year-old’s Instagram handle is an impressive collection of her retro pictures.

Hence, Bianca has grown into a successful Instagram influencer in no time with her constant efforts on the web.