Who Is Meleasa Houghton And Where Is She Today? Untold Truths About Israel Houghton Ex Wife

Israel Houghton is an American singer, producer, songwriter, and worship leader specializing in contemporary Christian music. He has always loved music and melodies, started his musical career in 1997, and has since finished 13 albums.

Bigger Than My Imagination, an album by Michael Gungor that Houghton produced, was praised as “one of the best worship albums” by Christianity Today in 2003. Israel Houghton’s backup group is called New Breed. Israel & New Breed is listed as the artist behind many of Israel’s record releases.

Houghton has mixed ancestry; his parents were an Afro-Jamaican father and a white mother. He had previously married Melissa Houghton in 1994, and they got separated on February 26, 2016. The duo also has kids with her. Let us find out more about this celebrity spouse.

Who Is Meleasa Houghton? Update On Israel Houghton Ex Wife Today

Meleasa Houghton, a singer nominated for a Grammy Award, is a well-known gospel performer in the United States. She is also well known for having been the ex-wife of Grammy Award-winning singer-songwriter Israel Houghton.

Meleasa began her musical career in 1990 after having a lifelong love of music. However, she took the time to pull in the crowd and grab the spotlight. She is one of the few Christian musicians whose music has touched the hearts and souls of many people worldwide. She creates music primarily to speak to the Bible, which is uncommon in today’s society.

Houghton appeared on the scene professionally in the early 2000s after meeting her ex-husband Israel for the first time at her ministry in Pittsburgh. Israel and New Breed, his band, were where she began her career.

Meleasa’s singing and musical career started to gain popularity after joining the band, notably in the US. Her incredible voice and talent are beloved by her followers. She worked alongside the band on several projects.

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Is Meleasa Houghton Married Again After Divorce With Israel Houghton?

No, Meleasa Houghton did not marry again after her divorce from her ex-husband, Israel Houghton. She is currently enjoying living alone with her loving children. She has, however, given her children her entire life. For instance, she is currently the best mother to her children and is genuinely amazing.

The mother of three kids says Meleasa is often seen posting photographs of her beloved children on her social media platform, where she goes by the name @meleasahoughton. Her Instagram bio also describes her as a mother of three, so we can say that she has devoted her full time to her children and is not yet dating anyone.

Previously, Meleasa music has become increasingly popular all around the world. Her work as the band’s main vocalist helped them record some well-known gospel singles. The American singer won the GMA Dove Award for Traditional Gospel in 2015. She was selected to receive a Grammy Award for Best Gospel Performance or Song.

Meleasa currently seems more focused on herself and her children and tries to avoid the limelight as much as possible. Therefore, she is now considered a single mother and does not look like she is dating someone.

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Update On Mariah Houghton’s Mother Now In 2022

Meleasa Houghton is the mother of three children, including two daughters and one son, namely Mariah Houghton, Sonny Houghton, and Lillie Houghton.

Israel Houghton and his first wife, Meleasa, had Mariah as their first and oldest child. Her birthday is August 31, 1995. She seems to be sharing a very affectionate bond with her father, her stepmother, Adrienne Bailon, and her mother.

Mariah is a well-known Instagram user with a large following of nearly 80k followers and 500+ posts. Mariah Houghton can be found on Instagram with the handle under the username @mariah.houghton.

Mariah also has two younger siblings, including a brother and a sister, Sonny and Lillie.