Who Is Kenny Albert Wife Barbara Renee Wolf? He Is The Son Of The Legendary Sportscaster Marv Albert

Sports broadcaster Kenny Albert lastly reported the 2022 Winter Olympics in a play-by-play format. He is one of the few sportscasters in the play-by-play division and has created a unique name for himself.

On top of it, he stands alone as the only sportscaster who currently does play-by-play for all major professional sports leagues, NFL, NBA, MLB, and NHL, in the United States and Canada.

Hailing from a sportscasters family, his career choice did not surprise many at first, but with his growing success and notability, Albert is now an influential figure in sports broadcasting.

Impressively, Kenny is best known for his record of covering four sports in four days, reports Sports Business Journal. He had called the play-by-play of the Minnesota Vikings vs. Pittsburgh Steelers NFL game for Fox on October 25, 2009.

The same night, he had hosted the New York Yankees’ locker room celebration after the American League Championship Series. The busy night was followed by a radio show for the Rangers game on October 28.

Albert then called the play-by-play of the New York Knicks season opener on MSG Network, the last program of his streak.

Kenny Albert And Wife Barbara Renee Wolf Have Been Married For More Than Two Decades

Besides his successful career, Kenny enjoys an equally successful marriage with his wife, Barbara.

To be precise, the two have been married for 26 years; they recently celebrated their 26th wedding anniversary on August 10. Wishing his wife a happy wedding anniversary, Kenny shared a picture of their D-Day on his Instagram handle.

Barbara “Barb” Renee Wolf is now best known as Barb Albert, having taken her husband’s last name after the marriage. Albert was introduced to his wife by his close friend, Jerry Coleman, a fellow Baltimore sports reporter.

The two’s marriage is a golden example of true love, patience, and, ultimately, a happy marriage.

Kenny’s love for Barb is seen in the number of pictures he posts with her on his social media handles. This NFL-dominating sportscaster does not shy away from proclaiming his love for his wife each day.

Apart from his work and family photos, Kenny mainly posts pictures of himself with Barb and recounts their nearly three decades of marriage.

On the other hand, Barb is available on Instagram but operates a private handle. Even so, her love is more significant than showing it the while the two enjoy every bit of their quality time.

Kenny makes sure to take out time for his wife and family from his busy schedule in show hosting. Thus, the sports expert is also a dedicated and exemplary man of devotion and passion.

Moreover, the couple’s love is survived by their two daughters and a content family. Their adult daughters are Amanda and Sydney, who did not choose to follow their father’s legacy in sports media.

All four of the Albert family attend many games together and go on lavish vacations whenever the time comes. Amanda’s Instagram is @amandaalbert11, while the younger Sydney is active as @sydneyalbert_.

The Alberts sisters handle their Instagram privately, but their pictures are widely shared by their father. However, their privacy on the web indicates that the two are not looking for broad exposure to fame.

Amanda and Sydney are close to their parents and are well-known among Kenny’s fans and well-wishers.

Fox Sports Sportscaster Kenny Albert Was Born To Father Marv & Mother Benita Oberlander

As mentioned above, Kenny Albert hails from a big family of sportscasters; one of the living legends is his father, Marv Albert.

He was born as the eldest son among Marv’s two sons and two daughters. Unlike him, his brother Brian and sisters Denise and Jackie did not pursue careers in the media.

Being close to his father, Kenny accompanied him in his work and later worked with him. Moreover, he fills in the absent seat of Mike Breen, Marv’s successor as a part-time play-by-play announcer for the Knicks since 2009.

Regarding the iconic Marv Albert, the 81-year-old is retired now, but the stories of his impressive works still roam around the sports media rooms.

The respected Albert senior has been inducted into the Basketball Hall of Fame, proving that his nickname “the voice of basketball” was not kept for nothing.

Marv had taken Kenny to a New York Rangers game on his sixth birthday in 1974, where he first worked as a statistician for half of the game since the original stat person had to leave early due to an emergency.

Marv and Kenny’s mother, Benita, are described as supportive parents to their children, especially Kenny, as he was diagnosed with debilitating facial disfigurement (DFD) the same year.

The condition was rare but treatable, but the NFL sportscaster has faced such harsh situations since childhood. With his father’s retirement, he could grab the only current person to call play-by-play sportscaster for the major sports leagues.

The NFL, NBA, NHL, and MLB expert was born to mother Benita, Marv’s first wife. Marv and Benita were married in 1965 but divorced in 1992.

Elderly Albert is now together with his second wife, Heather Faulkiner. Kenny is close to his father and stepmother, as he regularly visits his aging father.

Apart from her marriage to Marv, Benita became a media personality attending fashion shows.

She walked on the “Strut: The Fashionable Mom Show” runway during Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week Spring 2014 at Lincoln Center for the Performing Arts on September 7, 2013, in New York City.

Apart from her glamorous works, she and her daughter Denise were active in breast cancer awareness programs; Getty Images has stored all the beautiful memories of the Albert-Oberlander family.

Fox Sports Play-By-Play Sportscaster Salary & Earnings Are Jaw-Dropping

Kenny Albert, undoubtedly, earns more than an average play-by-play sportscaster. In contrast, he is the only one in his work field to be involved with four sports, another fact adding to his high paycheques.

Herald Weekly confirms that Albert junior bags a whopping salary figure of $500k per year from Fox Sports as their record-holding as their sportsperson.

Meanwhile, that is only his paycheque from one network. Kenny’s Instagram bio enlightens that he works with many other notable media companies as their sports journalist.

Kenny is involved with MSG Networks, TNT, and NBC as their play-by-play. All of these news companies are known for their high-level performance grounds in the industry.

Apart from his works on these four networks, the sports expert works as an NFL and MLB announcer on FOX and covers the NBA’s New York Rangers and Knicks and the NHL on TNT.

Meanwhile, he is also an Olympics commentator on NBC, having significant experience.

With such many work feats, the 54-year-old has gained a respectful presence in the field and jaw-dropping salary earnings throughout these years.

Play-By-Play Icon Kenny Albert Net Worth Is In Millions In 2022

Name Kenneth Gary Albert
Age 54
Date of Birth February 2, 1968
Occupation Sportscaster
Years Active 1990-present
Best Known For only play-by-play sportscaster for NHL, NBA, NFL, MLB
Salary $500k+
Net Worth $2 million


With his astounding salary figures from one company, Kenny Albert is a wealthy man with various sources of income.

Celebrity Net Worth estimates his net worth to be $2 million, which is acceptable given his respectable place in the industry. Moreover, his three decades of experience also play a big part in his millionaire status.

Kenny and his family reside in New Jersey, living their lives to the fullest. His millions of dollars have proved to help him travel and go on luxe holidays with his wife and daughters.

While he is a millionaire, his retired father, Marv, is a multi-millionaire with a net worth of $25 million, as confirmed by the same source.

Thus, by the time Kenny retires, he will also be a multi-millionaire since he is a rare creative man in the field. The sports commentator has openly shared his love for all sports, but he mainly loves hockey and basketball.

On the other hand, he has named baseball the hardest sport to commentate. Even so, Albert junior aces his job at all leagues and has proved that he is indeed the son of Marv and his big family of sportscasters.

Kenny’s uncles Al and Steve Albert have been sportscasters too but are retired now. All have earned incredible feats from their careers, including Kenny.