Who Is Joshua Vides? Artist Announces Collaboration With New Balance Sneakers

Conceptual artist Joshua Vides recently made an announcement about his collaboration with New Balance Sneakers. Here in this article, we will know more about the design of the sneaker they will be releasing.

Joshua Vides is one of the most popular artists known for his Retro art.

In-depth, he is an artist and designer who is known for his unique style of black and white accented objects and drawings. He has worked for various shoes and car manufacturing companies as well as their designer.

Additionally, he started as a basic artist, but now he is in a position he would have never dreamed of. As of now, he is making art for world-famous companies like BMW, Converse, Matte Black, and Fendi.

Let’s know more about his age and net worth in the article below.

Joshua Vides Wikipedia And Age

Despite being so much popular on the internet, Joshua Vides is yet to book his place on the official page of Wikipedia.

It is so saddening not to see this famous artist on Wikipedia yet for his fans and well-wishers all around the globe.

Similarly, as of 2021, Joshua Vides’s age is just 32 years old

He was born in the United States in the year 1989 and blew his birthday candle on Jun. 20 every year with his friends and family.

Detail On Joshua Vides’s Net Worth

Moreover, Joshua Vides’s net worth must be in the millions as he has already worked with various world-famous companies.

Also, most of his earnings come from his work as a retro artist for various brands Like BMW, Converse, and New Balance.

Joshua Vides’s New Balance Collab News

Artist Joshua Vides has announced his collaboration with New Balance. Not only did he announce he would be collaborating with them, but he also confirmed a release date of the sneaker he will be working on.

Joshua will be using the retro-inspired New Balance 57/40 model as its base, where we will be able to see his signature animated look with bold outlines.

According to Sole Collector, Joshua Vides x New Balance 57/40 is set to drop on Friday, Nov. 5 though the price of the sneaker is not confirmed yet, But it is expected to be between  $140 and $150.

Meet Joshua Vides On Instagram

Joshua Vides is active as @joshuavides on Instagram.

With more than 185k followers, he is already verified and has posted 444 posts to date.