Who Are Noella McMaher Parents Dee McMaher And Timothy McCord? Facts About The Young Trans Model

After representing the Trans* Clothing Company brand, a 10-year-old child is making news as the world’s youngest trans model to walk the ramp at New York Fashion Week.

Noella was a model at New York Fashion Week in February. Still, the 10-year-old has gained further public attention because it was revealed that she had been contracted for modeling engagements until November.

Who Are Noella McMaher Parents Dee McMaher And Timothy McCord?

Noella has a vibrant social media presence and appears to have a happy home life with her parents.

Dee and Timothy McCord, a Chicago-area scientist, gave birth to Noella and her younger brother Levi, who her parents insist is a male and wish to keep that way.

McCord told the Post that he had no objections about Noella becoming transgender, but he was afraid that her life as a model was too prominent.

Dee predicted that Noella would have gender reassignment surgery when she was 16, and McCord was perplexed.

Dee and McCord split in 2019, although McCord originally visited the children regularly, he claims.

After their separation, Dee got married to Ray. Dee McMaher, 35, and Ray McMaher, 32, are the model’s parents, both of whom were born biological females but now identify as non-binary.

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More To Know About McMaher’s Model Family

Her parents, two siblings, and herself make up the model’s family. Ray and Dee, the model’s parents, are not of straight sexual orientation.

In an interview, the model’s parents stated that Noella disliked wearing masculine clothes as a child and frequently misbehaved.

Dee said that they ultimately took her to a gender clinic and that she came into her own once she felt free to be a female.

They stated that their role as parents to all three of our children is to accept their unique needs. Dee claimed that she and Ray had a kid with Noella, who knew who she was from birth.

According to Dee, none of Noella’s parents encouraged her to be a female. Dee noted that the couple was not particularly trendy and possessed only a few pairs of shoes.

However, their daughter, Noella, is the polar opposite. She is obsessed with glitter, cosmetics, and fashion.

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McMaher’s Net Worth In 2022: How Rich Is She?

When a 10-year-old transgender girl from Chicago walks the runway at New York Fashion Week next month, she will already be a catwalk veteran, with intentions to walk in Paris the following year.

The estimated net worth of the 10-year-old trans model is $204k. Noella’s mother, Dee, told Forbes earlier this year that her first display was at Chicago Fashion Week when she was seven.

They continued by saying that an out trans adolescent informed the 10-year-old trans model about open auditions, and she prepared by viewing YouTube videos.

Noella booked two designers for her first audition. She’d attended two Chicago Fashion Weeks and a few smaller events after then.

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