Who Are Juliette Hawk Parents? Everything About The Young Actress From Game, Set, Love

Juliette Hawk is a child actress known for her fantastic acting in the movie Christmas at the Golden Dragon.

In this comedy-drama movie, Jesse’s character is portrayed by Juliette. This movie is about the closing of one of the beloved Midwestern Chinese restaurants right before Christmas amid the chaos of the busiest week of the year.

Besides this movie, this actress has played the role of Celeste Sparks in A Christmas Star, released in 2021; Mia in Game, Set, Love movie, released in 2022; and Lily Cunningham in Snowed in for Christmas, released in 2021.

Although she is a child actress, she has been doing fantastic with her acting profession as the audiences are amazed to see such talent and unique acting skill at a very small age.

Hawk started her acting career through the movie Snowed in for Christmas. She was then offered other movies from several moviemakers for a child character. 

Who Are Juliette Hawk Parents? Family Info Of The Young Actress

Juliette Hawk is a young and talented actress who grew up with supportive and encouraging parents.

The actress is very young and focusing on her acting career right now. So, she has not revealed her parents to the media as she likes to keep her life private and secure at the moment.

However, talking about her reel parents, she has portrayed the character of a daughter of parents Kaley and Ethen Cunningham. The role of her parents is played by actors Jeremy Guilbaut and Kayla Wallace.

In the movie Snowed in for Christmas, Hawk’s mother cannot return home for the Christmas holiday as a snowstorm derails her plans. But Kaley is determined to teach her daughter, she watched as an Au Pair the magic of Christmas. 

Game Set Love Child Actress Juliette Hawk Age Is Probably In Early Teens

The Game Set Love movie cast, Juliette Hawk, is a child actress whose age must be between 10 to 15.

Although the actress is in her early teens, she is a real gem as she is not only a talented actress but also a singer and dancer. Even though she has shared many details about her age and career, she described herself as an actor, singer, and dancer on her Instagram.

The young talent Hawk is gaining much popularity as a child actress as she has been offered a lot of movies. But due to her busy schedule, she might also be focusing on her studies. So, the actress is doing fewer than two to three movies a year.

As of now, Juliette has completed working on four projects. Also, there is a bright future for this little girl if she continued working as an actress in the future too. 

How Much Does Juliette Hawk Make Per Movie? Net Worth Of Hallmark Star

A talented child actress, Juliette Hawk, is doing fantastic in her career, and her net worth is estimated to be around $100,000 to $500,000.

Based on the backstage reports, a child actress makes an income of $1,030 for a day for either half an hour or a one-hour show. Also, in a week, the young talent makes around $3,575. Moreover, a 10% commission is added to their income if the movie goes well. 

Besides, the payment is given based on ones acting skills and experience as well. If an actress has done many movies, the experience will be high, and the more the experience, the earnings will also be increased.

Talking about Hawk, she is a young talent but gaining experience in acting. Also, she has done only four movies as of now, so her payment per movie might be a little less.

The net worth of this young talent will surely increase in the future as she will gain more experience and learn new things about acting.