Who Are Grant Savoy Parents? Facts To Know About Mickey Guyton Lawyer Husband

Grant Savoy is an amazing husband of an American country music artist Mickey Guyton, who is well known for ‘Better Than You Left Me,’ ‘Black Like Me,’ and more. In addition, he is a Civil Lawyer by profession and a co-founder of a company.

Guyton revealed that her next song, “Somethin’ Bout You,” was prepared by her by keeping her husband in focus. Although Savoy does not reveal himself in the media, the pair are seen together attending different events. Further, Mickey keeps uploading the image of her beloved partner and their children.

She is also a nominee for the Academy of Country Music Award. Also, she was nominated for the Grammy Award, becoming the first-ever black woman to be nominated in the Best Country Solo Performance category. 

Who Are Grant Savoy’s Parents?

Grant Savoy is the husband of Mickey Guyton, who prefers remaining away from the media attention. He must have been a great kid to his father and mother, but detailed information regarding them is yet to confirm. 

Although much information about his parents is not revealed, he was married to the daughter of Phyllis Ann Roddy and Michale Eugene Guyton, Mickey. She was the second child out of the four children of the pair.

In addition, during her childhood, her family had to move around the states because of her father’s profession. He was an engineer. Also, she could not get her studies done in the local public schools because of racial discrimination. As a result, she switched to a private school. 

No trace of Savoy’s Instagram is to be found, as we were wondering if he could have shared some images of his parents on the site. However, his spouse is an active and verified user of Insta with 223k followers. But unfortunate to the fans, she also has not shared images that would include Grant’s family. 

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Mickey Guyton’s Husband, Grant, Is Of Mixed Ethnicity- What Is His Nationality?

Country music artist Mickey’s husband, Grant, is of mixed ethnicity. Judging by his looks at his wife’s images, he has some dark complexity with some fair touch. People are eager to learn personal information about Mr.Savoy as a celebrity spouse. 

Additionally, he is expected to be of American nationality. In addition, he also attended California State University at Northridge, where he did his Bachelor of Arts in Communication.  

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Grant Savoy’s Net Worth As A Lawyer In 2022

Guyton’s husband, Grant, is a Civil Litigation Lawyer by profession and is expected to have a net worth of hundreds of thousands of dollars. As mentioned by Salary, the average salary made by an advocate in the country is $132,873. 

Savoy completed his Juris Doctorate in Criminal law from the Southwestern University of Law in 2011. In July 2012, he joined as the managing partner in the Solouki Savoy based in Century City, Los Angeles. The firm deals the clients with business litigation and criminal post-conviction. 

The details regarding his education and career were available on his LinkedIn account. Unfortunately, we are not much more clear if he had worked in other organizations before. 

Also, if the singer’s husband is to calculate his wealth along with his wife, then the pair must have amazing millions of dollars worth of impressive amount in their bank. But both of them have kept their mouth shut regarding the exact figure of how much they have made.