Rapper Mo3′ Manager Brandon Rainwater’s Net Worth

Brandon Rainwater is the manager of musical artists, and his exact net worth is not disclosed yet.

He was sure making a lot of money as the manager of the rich rapper Mo3. Mo3 had a net worth of around $3 Million, according to Idolnetworth.

According to Glassdoor, the annual salary of an artist manager in the US is $74,151. Rainwater was Mo3’s first and only manager during his musical career. He has released several posthumous albums and singles of Mo3 by collaborating with other artists.

During his recent interview with Say Cheese!, he mentioned working with the Canadian rapper Tory Lanez on a new posthumous album. He stated that the rapper charged $120,000 to get on Mo3’s album.

He also mentioned collaborating with artists such as Finesse2Tymes, Boosie, NoCap, and many more. In 2015, he was responsible for pushing Mo3’s album “Shottaz Reloaded” all over the Dallas neighborhood, as well as events, parties, and nightclubs.

According to his Instagram, he is also the manager for rappers Baby C and Don Dada. 

Brandon Rainwater Age And Wikipedia

Brandon Rainwater’s age is around 31 years old and celebrates his birthday on November 28.

Rainwater hasn’t revealed his exact birth date to the public. He shares about his collaboration with musical artists and his interviews on his social media. He has an impressive following on Instagram.

Rainwater has 76.5K followers on Instagram under the profile @rain214water. He is known to help people elevate their careers with Instagram promotion, mixtape hosting, and single hosting. In a comment, he mentioned that the fees for the promotions cost $150,000.

He is also seen posting about a new label named Legendary Label. His association with the company is yet to be revealed by him. Many people confuse him with video creator Brandon Rainwater due to their similar names.

Rainwater is the father of two children, a daughter, and a son, and hasn’t revealed the identity of his kids’ mother. He uploads pictures of his children on his social media. He is a private person and rarely shares his personal life with the public.

Brandon Rainwater’s Relationship With Rapper Mo3

Brandon Rainwater is rapper Mo3’s first and only manager, and the two have known each other for over six years.

During his interview with CBS, he mentioned that he watched him become successful as an artist. He was homeless when Rainwater met him, and later he became a person with power and enough money to support his family.

In his recent interview, he revealed the real reason for Mo3’s murder. Rainwater mentioned that the murderer was envious of the rapper’s relationship with his own kids. The rapper was dating the mother of his children and helped with upgrading her lifestyle, which pushed the murderer to the edge. 

Previously, the reason for his demise was stated as rap beef. Mo3 passed away on November 11, 2020, in his hometown of Dallas.

Some FAQs

Who Is Rapper Mo3’s Manager?

Mo3’s manager is Brandon Rainwater and he is first and only manager of the rapper.

What Is Brandon Rainwater’s Age?

Brandon Rainwater’s age is around 31 years old and he celebrates his birthday on November 28.

Does Brandon Rainwater Have Children?

Brandon Rainwater is the father of two children a son and a daughter but the identity of his kids mother is unavailable.