What Happened To Xdinary Heroes? Members Details And Update 2022 – Has The Band Broken Up?

What Happened To Xdinary Heroes? They are the Korean boy’s band group under JYP Entertainment and Studio J.

Xdinary Heroes were overwhelmed to see them in the Olympic Park in Seoul. Ten, a fan, said that it’s like watching meerkats appear on a national geographic’s camera at the point of their appearance on the street.

The band involves Gunil, Jungsu, Jooyeon, Jun Han, Gaon, and The group debuted on December 6, 2021, with the single Happy Death Day.

What Happened To Xdinary Heroes? Members Details Update 2022

Xdinary Heroes, the Korean band group, appeared in the street of Seoul.

Their fans noticed them and posted their photos on individual Twitter accounts. Many fans of them are overwhelmed to see them live. 

Louise, one of their fans, notices their disappearance on social media. According to him, it’s been 55 days without Xdinary Heroes’ IG updates and 60 days without Xdinary Heroes’ Twitter updates.

Additionally, it’s been 71 days since they had their last live updates and 75 days without YouTube content. However, a source confirmed that the group would be back at the end of the month.

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Xdinary Heroes – Has The Band Broken Up? Xdinary Heroes

Many fans supposed that the boy’s group, Xdinary Heroes, might have broken down and would never come back.

However, the news is just a rumored. The official notice of any resignment is not updated yet. Fans noticed heroes’ disappearance from social media. 

Since they are not in contact for over more than 71 days, fans suspect that the band group may have collapsed or broken down. But, there are no official statements on this topic.

Some sources revealed that the boy group would be back at the end of this month. Fans miss them a lot and early wait for their album.

Know More About Xdinary Heroes

Xdinary Heroes is a Korean boy band under JYP Entertainment and Studio J.

The South Korean band’s name is an abbreviation of Extra-Ordinary Heroes which means anyone can become a hero. Gunil, Jungsu, Jooyeon, Jun Han, Gaon, and are six members.

Gunil is the leader of the group, vocalist, and drummer. Whereas, Jungsu is the main vocalist, lead rapper, and keyboardist. Gaon is the lead rapper, vocalist, and electric guitarist.

Additionally,, one of the members, is the rapper, vocalist, synthesizer, and keyboardist. Jun Han is a vocalist and Electric guitarist. Finally, Jooyeon is the main vocalist, rapper, bassist, and Maknae.

They all debut with their single ‘Happy Death Day.’

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