What Happened To Lori McClintock? US Rep Tom McClintock Wife Lost Her Life Ingesting The Mulberry Leaf

American politician Tom McClintock lost his wife after she took a herbal remedy. The 66-year U.S. representative for California’s 4th congressional district is still in great tragedy.

He lived with her in the Sacramento area. He was in Washington for an election while his wife was lying unresponsive in their home. He was the first one to discover her lying on the floor. But she was already gone by the time he had reached home. 

What Happened To Lori McClintock?

After California Congressman Tom McClintock’s wife Lori died last year, people have started showing keen interest in knowing what actually happened to her. They were married in 1987 and were parents to two kids, Shannah McClintock and Justin McClintock.  

He found his 61-year-old life partner unresponsive in their Elk Grove home on December 15, 2021. He had returned a night before from Washington after voting in Congress. Her body was taken for an investigation after the help arrived. 

According to the Sacramento County coroner, her death was ruled an accident. Her original death certificate has a date of December 20, 2021. However, the cause of death was unknown as it was written pending. 

But the autopsy report came out only after eight months after her demise. In addition, her actual death certificate was also provided in July of this year, reported by Kaiser Health News. Also, the team could get their hands on Lori’s autopsy report. 

In addition, it was known that she had an inflammation in her stomach and intestines. The report was dated back on March 10 but was not publicly revealed. 

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Tom McClintock’s Wife Lori McClintock Demise Caused By Ingesting Mulberry Leaf

Representative Tom’s wife, Lori McClintock, passed away after she took a dietary supplement that contained white mulberry leaf. The leaves were discovered in her stomach, but she was unsure if she ate dried or fresh ones. It was also unclear if she had drank them in a tea.

Late last year, a plant widely regarded as safe and used as a herbal cure for various illnesses, including diabetes, obesity, and high cholesterol, caused a death.  

Congressman’s wife from Northern California passed away from dehydration due to gastroenteritis, an adverse effect of ingestion of the mulberry leaf. In addition, as it was considered safe, she might have miscalculated the portion, which possibly could have caused an effect on her body. 

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Did Lori McClintock Have Any Illness?

Lori McClintock did not appear in public in the same way her husband used to. But there was no news in the media following her suffering from any illness. In addition, if she had been ill during the time of her death, maybe her husband would not have gone for election to Washington.

She was taking a herbal treatment that was supposed to help her from obesity, diabetes, and high cholesterol. But judging by her images in the media, she does not seem to be obese. She might have been taking the Mulberry leaf as a normal, natural supplement.

The way she used to present herself in the media, she looked totally fit, and while walking beside her husband, the couple looked picture perfect. Also, her cause of death which was kept pending in the first place, was made an accident after the full autopsy report was out.