What Happened To Larry DeLeon From Joey Comunale Case? Was He Arrested?

Larry DeLeon AKA Lawrence Dellione is the main suspect in the Joey Comunale case. He is currently serving his life behind the bars.

Larry DeLeon is a convicted murderer. He was charged with the brutal murder of a 26-year-old man named Joseph Comunale from Connecticut.

What Happened To Larry DeLeon From Joey Comunale Case?

Larry DeLeon was accused of brutally murdering Joseph Comunale.

In 2016, the 26-year-old Comunale was reported missing after partying with his friends. He was living in an apartment on East 59th Street.

Ultimately, Joseph’s dead body was found buried in Oceanport, NJ. As per the forensic, Joseph died from multiple knife stab wounds in his body.

DeLeon and his friend  James Rackover were suspected of his murder. It was revealed that they had slaughtered Comunale after a fight.

Two men got into a fight with him over the amount of cocaine. They had reportedly stabbed him 15 times until he took his last breath.

To hide their crime, the killers had dumped the dead body in a shallow grave. Soon, they would burn the entire place to damage the proofs.

Every single detail about the brutal murder has been covered on Oxygen’s new series titled New York Homicide.

Was Larry DeLeon Arrested?

Larry DeLeon was arrested for one count of first-degree murder. He was punished for 23 years in prison alongside James Rackover.

Another suspect and a friend, Max Gemma received six months in prison for covering up a killing.

Two of the killers were already prime targets after Comunale’s bloody clothes were found in a dustbin.

Rackover, who was the alleged lover and son of celebrity jeweler, Jeffrey Rackover was the first to be imprisoned.

Soon it was revealed that DeLeon was the actual killer, while Rackover and Gemma had helped to cover up the whole incident.

Finally, The suspect, DeLeon was taken to prison on February 6, 2019.

Who Is Larry DeLeon?Wikipedia

Larry DeLeon aka Lawrence Dellione is a 32-year-old man as of 2022. He was the friend of James Rackover and Max Gemma.

Dillion had reportedly met Comunale for the first time outside a Meatpacking District club on the day of the murder.

DeLeon was raised by a single mother Suzanne Dilione and was living in Jersey City.

His mom and Max Gemma’s dad Gordon Gemma were also accused of assisting in the murder cover-up.

DeLeon will probably be released in the year 2042, at the time of his release he will be in his fifties.