What Happened To Dr Summerbee In Heartbeat? Cast Actress Clare Calbraith Now

Heartbeat served as the weekly prelude for 18 years on Sunday nights. The show, set in the 1960s, spent an incredible 18 seasons and 372 episodes following the lives of the people who lived in Aidensfield, North Yorkshire, especially its police officers.

In its prime time Sunday night slot, the popular show attracted more than 13 million viewers, and Nick Berry, an ex-EastEnder, had the ideal part.

Characters came and departed for the following nearly two decades, but the sweet storylines and comforting atmosphere they produced remained constant.

Then, in 2010, Heartbeat was canceled due to declining ratings, which grieved its fans and the area where it was filmed because a significant tourist industry had grown there. But what happened to the Heartbeat-famous cast members, including Dr. Tricia Summerbee?

What Happened To Dr. Tricia Summerbee In Heartbeat?

Dr. Tricia Summerbee had a heart issue since she was a child and was a highly sympathetic and loving physician. In the episode of “Horses for Courses,” the character died from her wounds after falling off the horse.

Additionally, she first appeared in the series as a physician at Ashfordly General Hospital, but she quickly relocated to start a practice in Aidensfield.

In contrast, she initially connected with PC Mike Bradley when she expressed sympathy for him after his marriage dissolution. In one of Tricia’s first plots, she gave a teenager contraceptive tablets in a two-part episode, which was a mistake that anybody could make.

She and Mike saw the operation being broken into and narcotics being taken in “She’s Leaving Home,” where the scene was set.

Further, she was ready to get engaged to PC Bradley when she accidentally got involved in one of the cases he was working on and tried to help the police on horseback.

Heartbeat Cast Actress Clare Calbraith In 2022: Where Is She Now?

The Heartbeat actress is currently working in the real-life ITV drama “Anne” as Sheila Coleman, the person who aided Anne Williams in gathering information about the Hillsborough tragedy.

In addition to Dr. Tricia Summerbee in Heartbeat, Clare Calbraith also had appearances in Silent Witness, Casualty, Holby City, The Bill, and 55 Degrees North. In 2005, she briefly appeared in Coronation Street as Martin Platt’s girlfriend, Robyn.

She also starred in Doctor Who’s audio dramas Son of the Dragon and Urban Myths in 2007. She made a guest appearance in the Second Sight and Doctors episodes of the Sapphire and Steel radio drama in 2008.

Per her Wikipedia, she portrayed Laura Gabriel in the 2011 season of The Shadow Line on the BBC. Besides, Shep was the character she acted in the ITV series Vera from 2011 to 2013.

Family: Did Dr. Tricia Summerbee Had A Husband In The Show?

In the series, Tricia Summerbee was on the verge of getting engaged with her partner, Mike. But, she tragically died from the injuries sustained after falling from a horse, leaving her lover heartbroken. 

Tricia first met PC Mike Bradley while working at the Ashfordly General Hospital and taking over Dr. Neil Bolton’s former practice.

When Jackie and Mike were requested to house dangerous criminal Barry Ross in the episode Safe House, Tricia immediately realized she was in danger. Tricia was the one who discovered that Jackie was fine when she thought her health was fine.

After Mike’s wife Jackie left him for a previous client, Adrian Miller, the three of them were involved in the case where he was alleged indecent assault, and that is when they started dating.

After some time, Mike opened up to Tricia and revealed how difficult it was for him to get used to living alone. Mike and Tricia have their first kiss in the scene No Hiding Place.

Plus, the duo were deeply in love in Love’s Sweet Dream, but it was obvious that, following his divorce from Jackie, Mike didn’t want to repeat the same mistake.