TikTok Star Jon Preston, Popular As ‘Piko’ Has Passed Away At Age 43- What Happened To Him?

Jon ‘Piko’ Preston was a famous Tiktoker and a social media influencer with over 1 million followers on his official Tiktok account and more than 13.1 million views.

Piko was well-known for having a very vivacious personality on TikTok. His most recent video was posted online last week, on August 3.

On August 8, he uploaded a selection of TikTok videos in his most recent Facebook post. The TikTok has not spoken a word since, but his sister finally broke the quiet by breaking the heartbreaking news of his passing.

According to the Facebook post by Lara Preston Neves, Jon ‘Piko’ Preston has unfortunately passed away.

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What Happened To Jon ‘Piko’ Preston? Cause Of Death Remains Unknown

Piko Preston’s death is still being investigated. However, many individuals, most of whom are his fans, are concerned about his unexpected and untimely demise.

Preston passed away, but his sister and other families have written about it on numerous social media sites. The theory holds that, rather than other unforeseen reasons, his health condition may have been the actual cause of death.

He is a well-known TikTok celebrity who likes creating videos or TikTok material, said the source.

Preston was a loving brother and son who will always be remembered in his family’s hearts. He used to earn a lot of likes and views on the TikTok platform, where we can still see his great TikTok flicks.

@djhuntsofficial R.I.P. @pikotrain5 😢gonna miss you man #pikotrains ♬ See You Again (feat. Charlie Puth) – Wiz Khalifa

His followers’ most recent comments on his Facebook and TikTok postings are all heartfelt condolences. People are gushing over how much laughter he brought to them and how heartbreaking the news was.

People are saying how much they laughed thanks to him. They all agreed that not having him around would be missed.

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Obituary: Jon Preston Sister Laura Preston’s Tribute Post On Facebook 

Laura Preston, Jon Preston’s sister, announced the tragedy and premature death on August 15, 2022.

She wrote, “Jon (Piko Preston), my lovely, active, crazy, giving, funny, and adored little brother, died away this week at 43. Even the thought of a world without him is beyond my comprehension.”

Laura further emphasizes how she has never met someone more giving than Jon and that he offered everyone everything. While they were growing up, he was always the family’s mediator, often mediating arguments amongst siblings, and never stopped trying to make everyone around him happy.

Our condolences are to all those who had to lose such a kind soul at such an early age. May his soul rest in peace as he shares happiness in heaven.

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TikTok Username PikoTrain AKA Jon Preston Passed Away At Age 43

PikoTrain, AKA Jin “Piko” Preston, sadly died on August 15, 2022, at 43.

He developed amusing material using sounds from TikTok, but how he produced these videos made them stand out and be fun to watch. Every one of his videos is funny.

The Tiktoker produced content across various genres, but they are all bound together by a sense of comedy.

@pikotrain5 ♬ original sound – comedianstevenrandolph

Piko had a distinctive sense of style best displayed by his long hair, which he frequently wore in a pigtail. In addition, he had tattoos on both of his hands and arms. His fans gushed about his always ruggedly masculine appearance.

He released a video on April 26 that would become one of his most well-known. Since being released, the video has received over 180,000 likes and over 1.6 million views.

Preston employs a sound in the video to imply that men can’t do what women can. Then, he takes a lighthearted dig at the irrational things women do.

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