Tennessee Coach Mike Vrabel Eye Injury – Does He Have Amblyopia?

Known for his extraordinary head coaching skills, the Titans coach Mike Vrabel has intrigued NFL fans with his eye situations.

While the talks in his eye often surf around, it has taken his name away from his stance as a fantastic coach. Vrabel is one of the famed NFL coaches in the current scenario since he has led the Tennessee Titans toward wins against each of its long-time rivals teams and improving their leaderboard.

Hence, he was named the AP Coach of the Year for his work in the 2021-22 NFL season.

But before his experience as an NFL coach, Mile was a linebacker for three different NFL teams from 1997 to 2010. He played with the Pittsburgh Steelers, New England Patriots, and Kansas City Chiefs throughout his career.

With much experience, the Kansas City Chiefs coach has paved his success story in the league.

Tennessee Coach Mike Vrabel Never Faced Any Eye Injury In His Playing Career

The Chiefs guru Mike Vrabel was an extraordinary player back in his active days and never faced any eye injury with having it affected, even today.

While the talks about his lazy left eye continue, many believe it could have been the result of some injury while he was a linebacker.

However, this 42-year-old linebacker turned coach has never reported any eye injury back in the days. Vrabel was a cautious player and kept himself away from injuries as much as possible though he executed fierce gameplay on the ground.

A three times Super Bowl champion and two times Big Ten Defensive Lineman of the Year in 1995 and 1996, Vrabel kept himself away from trouble.

Meanwhile, it is confirmed that he has never faced any blow to any of his eyes to start the talks about his eye problem.

Mike Vrabel Has Yet To Confirm If He Has Amblyopia Or Not

The talks about Mike Vrabel suffering from Amblyopia have hit the NFL universe though he has not confirmed his medical condition yet.

The Chiefs’ coach has maintained his silence over his left eye commotion as he is instead focused on his coaching career.

He is adamant about giving the Chiefs his best and will soon be awarded another coach of the Year award next season.

Moreover, medical reports claim that Amblyopia is the medical term for the lazy eye, a type of poor vision that usually happens in just one eye but less commonly in both eyes.

Thus, as the online talks go, Mike’s vision is blocked from his left eye, and he has not explained whether he has this condition.

Even so, his fans and well-wishers are eager to get a statement on his eye condition and know the absolute truth.

Head Coach Mike Vrabel’s Lazy Eye Has Given Rise To Discussion Threads On Reddit

Mike Vrabel’s left eye has been the topic of broad discussion groups on various social networks, especially Reddit and Twitter.

Since the coach himself has not talked about the topic, internet users have shown their curiosity by asking questions regarding his eye and previous injury incidents.

Thus, the discussion groups on Reddit has brought forward both conclusion in his eye, as one group believes that Mike has Amblyopia while the other does not.

Likewise, on Twitter, a Barstool Sports discussion by Stuart Feiner in 2021 shows that the hosts confirmed that Mike does not have any problem with his eye.

Thus, the exact condition of Vrabel’s lazy eye can only be confirmed if the coach comes forward and speaks on the topic.

Titan Sized also confirmed in 2019 that the coach would rather lose his genitals to win a Super Bowl ring when asked which body part he would let go to win the prize.

Hence, it is pretty sure that the Chief’s coach would continue to be on the grounds even though he missed some part of his body. His statement shows that he chooses football over everything.