Retired NHL Winger Teemu Selanne Has Four Children, Three Of Whom Are His Sons Who Walk The Same Career As Their Father

Teemu Selanne and his wife, Sirpa (nee Vuorinen) Selanne, have been married for 25 years. Together, the couple is the proud parents of four children.

His three boys have all followed in their father’s footsteps, making names for themselves in the ice hockey world. They have played for multiple teams, but among the three brothers, Eetu seems to be more focused on pursuing a career in hockey; starting as a freshman with the Northeastern University Huskies men’s team in 2017.

Likewise, other of his children had a brief NHL career, with his youngest son, Leevi, enlisting in the military.

Furthermore, the family attended a function in which Teemu Selanne was inducted into the NHL team Winnipeg Jets Hall of Fame in a special pregame ceremony at the Canada Life Centre.

Teemu Selanne Father To Four Children: Eetu, Veera, Eemil, And Leevi

Teemu Selanne and his four children, Eetu, Veera, Eemil, and Leevi, share a great bond. Besides, three of his sons are in their 20s, he also adores his youngest daughter, who is 15 years old.

Selanne and his wife, Sirpa, had their first son, Eemil, in 1996, making him 26 at the time. A year later, they welcomed Eetu, their 25-year-old son.

After that, keeping a three-year gap, Teemu and Sirpa welcomed their son, Leevi, on April 22, 2000. And at last, the long list of their family members ended after she gave birth to their only daughter, Veera Selanne.

Additionally, these siblings appear to have a strong relationship with one another, as they are routinely photographed and posted on Instagram.

Teemu Selanne And His Wife Lives In California With Their Four kids

Teemu Selanne got hitched to his wife, Sirpa (nee Vuorinen) Selanne, on July 19, 1996. The pair generally met in 1994, and just two years later, they walked down the aisle in 1996. 

In contrast, his wife, Sirpa, is a co-owner of Selanne Steak Tavern. Her LinkedIn page lists her as a partner and advisor at Innovation Home as well as a co-owner of The Penalty Box.

Moreover, Sirpa’s nonfiction book, Ystävvellä Sirpa, contains her ideas and intimate meetings with friends. The book includes assignment sheets for the reader to help them preserve their friendships.

Since August 2017, she has been a member of the CHOC Hospital Gala Executive Committee for nearly five years. She has also worked as a television host for Aito Media, TV5, Dplay, and Lätkä Love in Finland.

Sirpa, a mother of four children residing in California, has always valued a large group of acquaintances.

Retired NHL Winger Teemu Selanne First Born Son Eemil

Teemu and Sirpa’s eldest son, Eemil Selanne, was born on February 3, 1996, in Winnipeg, Manitoba, Canada.

Besides, he is an ice hockey player who played in the position of forward. Aside from hockey, he works as a restaurant consultant at Selanne Steak Tavern.

In an interview with the golf magazine Fore, Selanne stated that his eldest son, Eemil, had quit playing ice hockey. Even in the 2015-16 season, Eemil was a member of the Ontario Avalanche in the WSHL series. In a total of 46 games, he recorded 8+9 points.

Apart from this, he is also active on Instagram but has shifted his profile to private mode. Likewise, his Facebook profile only includes a few facts that date back to 2016.

Eetu Selanne Is The Member Of Men’s Ice Hockey Team

On November 12, 1997, Selanne and his wife welcomed their second son, Eetu Selanne, in Coto de Caza, California. 

Like his older brother and father, Eetu is also an ice hockey player who has appeared in 14 games and contributed one assist so far in 2018. He made his collegiate breakthrough against Sacred Heart before picking up his first varsity point with help against Boston College.

Eetu Selanne, a young forward, has committed to a professional trial deal with the ECHL’s Wheeling Nailers on October 20, 2022. He spent two years at Northeastern University and three years 

He participated in 103 games while playing for Madison (USHL) over the course of two seasons, recording 12 goals and 18 assists.

Besides, he finished tenth in the Commonwealth Coast Conference (CCC) in forward power-play goals. Additionally, Eetu is a Northeastern University D’more McKim School of Business entrepreneur student-athlete. 

Leevi Selanne Ice Hockey Career Began At Curry College

Retired NHL Winger Teemu Selanne and his wife, Sirpa’s youngest son, Leevi, graduated from Santa Margarita Catholic High school on June 2, 2018.

Leevi Selanne, who started his hockey career at Curry college scored the game-winning overtime goal for his high school hockey team in 2018.

Santa Margarita (CA) and Regis Jesuit (CO) battled it out for the championship at the USA Hockey National High School Championships in Minnesota.

Selanne, who netted the championship-winning score, was not the only member of the club with NHL credentials. Well, Craig Johnson, a former Duck, coaches the Eagles, and Craig’s son Ryan also plays for the squad.

He Has Also Completed His Military Service

Selanne’s youngest son, Leevi, finished his military service in 2019. The proud father has posted several images from his son’s service days, where his father also mentioned his last day in Finnish Army service. 

Likewise, Leevi celebrated the end of a part of his life on Instagram, where he posted a series of images from his service spring.

Besides, he had finished his six-month conscript duty in Santahamina. Leevi, like many other young people, released a lot of images of his army life throughout the spring in January, clothed in army green.

The young man, who had been discharged from the army, resembles his father, Teemu, who ended his military duty in 1988.

Teemu Selanne Daughter Is Also Into Golf

Teemu and Sirpa’s youngest child, their daughter, Veera Selanne, is 15 years old. The youngest of four siblings was born on December 5, 2007. 

Veera, like her brothers, likes sports and plays tennis and soccer. Similarly, her Instagram photo shows that she also enjoys playing golf.

Their Extended Family With Cutest Members

The Selanne family adores dogs, as seen by their Instagram profile, where they have an inconceivable amount of puppies.

Additionally, the family members have created an Instagram profile under the handle @selannepuppies10, where they have multiple photos of their various hybrid pups.