NBA Small Forward OG Anunoby Parents Were Originally From Nigeria

OG Anunoby grew up with his parents in London and Missouri. His father was a professor, and his mom was a champion athlete.

His dad loved Arsenal, and he did too when he was a kid, but today he prefers Manchester United. Anunoby had phases with every sport where he wanted to play professionally – baseball, basketball, and football. However, as he matured and improved in middle school, he became more confident in his desire to play basketball.

OG was born in Harlesden, which is in the northwest of London. He played football there, but when he got to the US, he quit playing about the time he was in his eighth year. However, he then began to concentrate more on basketball.

Anunoby is now a British basketball player competing for the NBA’s Toronto Raptors (NBA). He was an Indiana Hoosiers basketball player in college.

Anunoby was naturally interested in athletics after moving to the United States. The rising star also disclosed his desire to be a complete player and that he would consider representing Great Britain in the future.

OG Anunoby Parents Were Originally From Nigeria

OG Anunoby grew up with his parents in the UK till they had to move to the USA. He was just one when his mom perished and about 21 years old when his dad left the world. 

His father shares the same name, Ogugua Sr, who was raised and educated in Nigeria before relocating to the UK to pursue postgraduate studies. Unfortunately, his dad passed while he was sleeping in 2018.

OG Anunoby was conceived there in England. But his father received a teaching job offer in Jefferson City when he was only four years old.

As a result, the family was moved to Missouri, where Anunoby Sr. had previously held a position as a professor of business and finance at Lincoln University.

His father insisted on him reading for an hour each night, continually emphasized the value of diligence, and never allowed his grades to fall short of the high standards he had established. And Anunoby, who followed the orderly, organized home his father ran, was disciplined and diligent from a very young age.

OG Anunoby’s Mother Was A Champion Athlete

When OG was only a year old, his mother passed from cancer. He would visit family in the UK and Nigeria to discover more about his ancestry, even if he has no memory of his mother or England. Growing up without a mother was difficult, but his dad did a great job raising him.

Anunoby’s mother represented Nigeria at the national level in track and field competitions. She undoubtedly contributed to the genetic structure that allowed two family members to succeed in their respective sports. She was a jumper and a sprinter and was fiercely competitive.

OG Anunoby Brother Chigbo Is Also An Athlete

Chigbo Anunoby, OG’s older brother, is a former athlete who played NFL Defensive Lineman for four NFL clubs.

Chigbo was born on January 4, 1989, in Jefferson City, Missouri, United States. He is eight years older than his brother, who is 25 years old. Anunoby completed his education at Morehouse College.

Former football player played for the Cleveland Browns, Tennessee Titans, and Minnesota Vikings before starting medical school.