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Matthew Le Nevez Biography

Matthew Le Nevez is an Australian actor born on 10th January 1979 in Canberra, Australia. He is popularly known for his role as Doctor Patrick Reid in the TV series Offspring which earned him a nomination for the Logie Award for Most Popular actor.

Matthew Le Nevez attended The French-Australian Preschool, Telopea Park School and St Edmund’s College, Canberra before accepted into NIDA aged 17. He graduated in 1999. In 2003 came a break-through role, that of rough and ready Bullet Sheather in the ABC Television miniseries Marking Time, for which Le Nevez won an AFI Television Award in 2004 for Best Actor in a Supporting or Guest Role in a Television Drama or Comedy.

Matthew Le Nevez stars in the Australian film The Tender Hook. Written and directed by Jonathan Ogilvie, it is the story of Iris (Rose Byrne) and a love triangle that includes her roguish English lover, McHeath and Art (Matt Le Nevez), an earnest young boxer. The film also stars his previous acting colleague, Hugo Weaving.

The film Peaches saw him sharing a screen with Hugo Weaving and Jacqueline McKenzie, but it was the role in 2006 of notorious Mathew Wales in the TV movie The Society Murders that won Le Nevez critical acclaim. He won the Most Outstanding Actor on Australian television Logie Award in 2006.

Matthew Le Nevez

He appeared in Legend of the Seeker as Leo, the new Seeker in 2010 and became a regular in the Network Ten comedy/drama Offspring as anaethetist Dr Patrick Reid in 2011 and continued in season 3 (2012), 4 (2013) and after his characters death in dream sequences during season.

In 2012, Matthew Le Nevez played the part of former Australian cricketer Dennis Lillee in the miniseries Howzat! Kerry Packer’s War about Kerry Packer’s World Series Cricket. In 2014 despite leaving Offspring to pursue acting in America it was reported that Le Nevez was joining the cast of Australian T.V. series Love Child. It was announced in July 2014 that he would be co-starring in upcoming drama series The Kettering Incident.

Patrick Offspring

Matthew Le Nevez played Patrick in Offspring. His character was later killed off which caused an uproar on the viewers. The show producer had this to say about the death of Patrick when asked if Matthew Le Nevez wanted out of the hit show.

“Not as specifically as that, there was a lot of pressure on him from his US representation, for him to be over there because he’s a hot property. So it was more that we knew there would come a point where we would have to let him go. So we were thinking about the future and because we knew we had two series (S4 & S5) we were in a position where we had to think long-term. So we knew we had to consider a future without him. We debated a lot about what that exit would be.”

According to the producers, Nina and Patrick were now so committed to one another, that him leaving her was neither logical nor original.

“Given the nature of the relationship between Nina and Patrick and the amount of times they’d broken up, we couldn’t do that again,” says Banks.

“One of the things we’d set ourselves when we started Offspring was that we would always keep the stories moving forward and never repeat the same things. That’s the danger in a romantic comedy. Once you start repeating things they lose their life very quickly. It was conventional wisdom that you could never have somebody be pregnant in a series but we went ahead and did it anyway because we were determined to keep the story going forward. One of the things you face when you’re doing a series about family life and love is ‘What happens when somebody falls off the mortal coil?’ It’s just something you’ve got to deal with eventually.”

Matthew Le Nevez Family

Matthew Le Nevez Wife

Matthew Le Nevez is not married yet but he has a partner, Michelle Monique Smith, of many years (6 years as at 2014). Their son Levi was born in 2014. On 12th June 2014 he revealed the birth of his son via Instagram.

Matthew Le Nevez Child

On 12th June 2014 he revealed the birth of his son, Levi Le Nevez, via Instagram.

The photos of his son were revealed through Who Magazine. According to WHO Magazine’s website:

“The Offspring star reveals exclusive images of newborn son Levi as he opens up to WHO about the overwhelming emotion of becoming a parent for the first time. “As soon as you meet them and you see yourself and your partner in this little person, it’s just completely life changing,” says Le Nevez. “Literally, in that moment everything changes and you just get a huge shot of love in the heart.”

‘While Le Nevez’s partner of six years, Michelle Smith, 34, is nursing their newborn son at their West Hollywood home, the actor is staying in touch through Skype while he films the next series of TV drama Love Child in Sydney. “It’s such a beautiful thing for me to watch, to see this woman I’ve been in love with for years become this incredible mother, so effortlessly,” he says, admitting he can’t wait to be reunited with his family in Australia in the coming weeks. “It’s crazy, every day we Skype he looks slightly different, and he becomes more alert and awake. It’s an amazing feeling. I’m literally counting the days until they arrive.”’

Matthew Le Nevez Net worth

  • He has an estimated net worth of $5,686,394 Dollars

Matthew Le Nevez Tattoo

Matthew Le Nevez Movies

  • 2002: Garage Days as Tobey
  • 2004: Peaches as Brian
  • 2005: A Family Legacy as NZ Batsman 1
  • 2005: Man-Thing as Sheriff Kyle Williams
  • 2005: Feed as Nigel
  • 2006: Emulsion as Actor
  • 2007: What They Don’t Know as Stan
  • 2008: The Tender Hook as Art Worker
  • 2011: Deserted as Boyfriend

Matthew Le Nevez  TV Shows

  • 2000: Farscape as Cavemen Crichton
  • 2001: Head Start as Terry Vaughan
  • 2001: All Saints as Andy Barton
  • 2002: MDA as Sam Livingstone
  • 2003: White Collar Blue as Larry Drevo
  • 2003: The Postcard Bandit as Aaron Reynolds
  • 2003: Marking Time as Bullet Sheater
  • 2004: Blue Heelers as Matt Procter
  • 2004: Love My Way as Jai
  • 2006: The Society Murders as Matthew Wales
  • 2007: Sea Patrol as Jullian Wiseman
  • 2010: Legend of the Seeker as Leo
  • 2010: Cops LAC as Ben Ellis
  • 2011-2016: Offspring as Patrick Reid
  • 2012: Howzat! Kerry Packer’s War as Dennis Lillee
  • 2013: The Glades as Alexanders Barnes
  • 2014: Parer’s War as Damien Parer
  • 2015: The Kettering Incident as Brian Dutch
  • 2015: The Lizzie Borden Chronicles as Bat Masterson
  • 2015: Love Child as Jim Marsh
  • 2015: Runner as Adam
  • 2016: Brock as Peter Brock

Matthew Le Nevez Awards

  • 2004: AFI Television Award for Best Actor in a Supporting or Guest Role in a Television Drama or Comedy, Marking Time
  • 2007: Logie Award for Most Outstanding Actor, The Society Murders

Matthew Le Nevez Instagram

Matthew Le Nevez Interview

Interviewer: So how has life been post Offspring?

Matthew Le Nevez: I think I will always miss Offspring. It was such a pivotal show in my life, such an eclectic and amazing group of people to work with – I don’t know if I’ll ever experience that “lightning in a bottle” again, not only in the making of the series, but even the screening was quite extraordinary – but since my role ended I’ve been quite busy.

Interviewer: With?

Matthew Le Nevez: Well, I’m living in Los Angeles but I came back to Australia and shot [the drama] Parer’s War, then did a bit more Offspring [for Nina’s dreams of Patrick] , then I shot Love Child about a year ago and went on to Tasmania for [upcoming Foxtel BBC Worldwide drama] The Kettering Incident, then on to Canada to shoot a couple of episodes of [Christina Ricci’s drama project] The Lizzie Borden Chronicles, I just finished shooting a pilot in Chicago … so yeah I’ve been quite busy.

Interviewer: That’s an understatement!

Matthew Le Nevez: Yeah and I’m almost ready to come back to Australia to shoot more Love Child. It’s been a crazy year or two but really exciting. Now I just can’t wait for Love Child to come out because this was quite a different show to what I’d done before, so quite challenging.

Interviewer: Your character in Love Child is very different to Dr Patrick, was that important to you?

Matthew Le Nevez: It was, it was. I was always nervous about coming in to play somebody else’s boyfriend or love interest and when I spoke with [the producers] they had very similar views about where they wanted my character to go and how much energy they wanted him to have – which was good because as I said, Offspring was special. To follow up with something that was not as good or a bit weak [meant] I was very wary of my next project. Clearly Parer’s War was something very different and this is too. The [Love Child] producers had some very clear ideas about what they wanted to introduce into the show to shake it up. They wanted to bring in someone who would have a different energy from not only the actors on board but also the time in which the series is set. They were looking at some of the pivotal people in Australia at the time and some of the things that were going on in the late ’60s to early ’70s and wanted a character who would represent that, in particular the Green Bans that were happening and move the story in that direction. There were young pivotal people who stood up (to protect) parks and buildings and my character is loosely based around that idea. It was a great opportunity and to be involved in a show like Love Child where the scripts are beautiful and telling an epic dramatic journey. And to work with those actors who create that energy. I’m very lucky.

Interviewer: After this we’ll see you in The Kettering Incident, which is different again.

Matthew Le Nevez: This is a series that hasn’t been done in Australia before. Something very much influenced by the scandi-noir dramas like The Killing or The Girl With The Dragon Tattoo films that resonated around the world, but done in an Australian way. I think what has been created is unique in the Australian landscape and I can’t wait for it to come out. The scripts are incredible, the landscape of Tasmania where we shot is a character stronger than any written on the page, it’s just… this is a beautiful, brave piece of television, an amazing project and I’m very grateful to be a part of it.

Interviewer: And you mentioned a new pilot?

Matthew Le Nevez: Yeah I just shot a pilot in Chicago for a new series called Runner, a mystery, drama action story about a family that gets pulled into gun-running across the Mexcian/American border. Like every Australian actor that comes to the US to throw their hat in the ring you hope to get a gig out of an audition, then when you do you hope for it to be a good one, then when it is you hope for the pilot to get picked up… and I hope we get the chance to move to Chicago to continue filming in August!

Source: The Sydney Morning Herald (April 2015)