Make DSTV Online Payment in Nigeria

Since the day I missed one of my favorite premiership football matches between my club and another major club, I resolved never to be caught dead paying for my DSTV subscription over the counter.

I had been really busy all through the week so I didn’t notice the DSTV envelope that usually helps to remind me that my subscription would be expiring soon.

That favorite evening, my team was scheduled to play by 4PM and because I didn’t really feel like watching from a viewing center. I finished all I was doing in town rushed back home in time for the match. I got home by 3PM and turned on the TV and there it was –Shocker! My subscription had expired and I had no idea.

I figured I could still rush down to make payments at the nearest DSTV dealer outlet two streets from me. When I got there, I was surprised to meet a huge queue. Well, as a good citizen I joined the queue and before it finally got to my turn, it was really late. I wish I knew about online payments at the time.

Paying for your DSTV online subscription is really easy. All you need to do is-:

  • Choose the bouquet you want to pay for and make sure you have enough money in your account.
  • Choose your preferred method of payment from the various online payments available; Quickteller, Internet Banking or Mobile Money.
  • Get your debit/credit card ready.
  • Select DSTV payment button and choose preferred bouquet.
  • Authorize Payments.

You would get a message and a receipt of your transaction if it is successful. You can then grab your phone and sendactivation prompt ‘RA’ followed by your smartcard number to 30333 for immediate activation. E.g RA 12345678910 to 30333.