Love Is Blind Cast Brennon Lemieux’s Age & Birthday

Love Is Blind cast Brennon Lemieux’s is 32 years old, as he was born in the year 1990 in Dallas, Texas. 

Unfortunately, Brennon has never revealed anything about his actual birthday on the web or to his social media followers. He does not share images and videos of his birthday celebration on the web. 

While he grew up in a tightly-knit family and remains close to his family members until now, he has never really mentioned or shared anything about his family members or his parents on the internet. 

He might have been a bright student since his childhood, judging by his excellent academic records, but he has never spoken anything about his childhood on the internet. According to Sports Keeda, Brennon does not use social media accounts quite frequently and never shares his personal life on the web. 

10 Facts About Brennon Lemieux You Probably Do Not Know

  1. Brennon Lemieux is 32 years old and was born in Dallas, Texas in the year 1990 but unfortunately, his actual birthday has not come to the limelight yet. 
  2. He works as an Account Sales Representative for Advantage Water Engineering currently, and he has held the position since August 2018. 
  3. Previously, he worked as a lab technician for Aerotek, an Electrician for C & E ELECTRICAL INC., and Pharmacy Technician Trainee for CVS Pharmacy in his career. 
  4. Lemieux is a Bachelor of Science in Chemistry graduate from the University of North Texas, and a Bachelor in Applied Science in Chemistry from Mid-Western University. 
  5. He also attended New Mexico Military Institute for a year from 2008 to 2009 where he studied Air Force Academy Prep Course, Chemistry. 
  6. Brennon is found using Instagram with his username @brennonlemieux, he has already amassed over 2.6k followers and the number of his social media followers is rising quickly. 
  7. He is on the show to find an authentic partner, the reality television star revealed he wanted an ‘alpha woman’ who is ready to share her culture with him. 
  8. Lemieux quickly fell in love with fellow cast member Alexa Alfia in season 3 of Love Is Blind, the couple confessed their love within days of talking in the pod. 
  9. The couple does not follow each other on social media accounts anymore, they might have fallen out of their relationship but have not revealed anything about the fate of their budding love life. 
  10. While they found many similarities between them, their family were very much apart. Alexa revealed her family was loud and all joking and swearing around the dinner table, Brennon’s family was a quiet type and had conversations at the dinner table. 

Some FAQs

What Is Brennon Lemieux Age?

Brennon Lemieux is 32 years old, he was born in the year 1990 in Dallas, Texas.

What Is Brennon Lemieux Profession & Job?

Brennon Lemieux currently works as a Account Sales Representative for Advantage Water Engineering.

Are Brennon Lemieux And Alexa Alfia Still Together?

No, Alexa Alfia and Brennon Lemieux are no longer together as the couple has already unfollowed each other on social media.

What Is Brennon Lemieux Instagram?

Brennon Lemieux is found using Instagram under his username @brennonlemieux, he has over 2.6k followers so far.