How Nigerian Students Can Write Good Research Papers

I know Nigerian schools do not tolerate failure as an option when it comes to writing research papers. But you have no clue on the best way to handle your failures on research work. Don’t you think it is high time to develop a positive attitude and embrace all the techniques for producing proper academic papers?

The outlines of the research paper are similar to various academic disciplines. Formulation of the research papers takes multiple forms. However, most of the academic journals have an introduction, thesis statements, the body of the essay and conclusion based on the instructions that tutors provide. Thus, Nigerian students only need to grasp the required outline and all the fine details of guidance to channel all their ideas when delivering long research papers. I know you are yearning for good grades at the final research paper with relevant experience in the same field of research. Therefore, follow the below five ideas on how to write proper research papers.

How a Nigerian Student Should Start a Research Paper

Many Nigerian students jitter and face challenges whenever they hear of the word research. Some of the students even give up on their quest to improve their grades. Moreover, the students yield to the tedious research activities since they have no clue on the best approaches involved to deliver the high-quality papers. Hence, the students get low grades in their final research papers that negatively affect their overall performance.

Brainstorming on the Topic

Nigerian students who need to improve their grade on research paper should select a topic that is of their interest. However, if the tutor provides the topic, it is essential to follow the instructions to the latter. On the same note, students need to carefully trade with the teacher for clarification on the challenging issues. Students need to collect sufficient and relevant information on the chosen topic. Besides, students should plan and allocate resources as well as time for all the activities required during the research process.

After brainstorming on the topic, the students should research the topic and write down information from journals, books, magazines, internet and academic reviews. Besides, Nigerian students should search information from domain name extension edu (educational institution) and OPAC (Online Public Access Catalog). Consequently, the Nigerian student should write down thesis statement and develop a good outline for the research paper.

Developing a Thesis Statement and Objective of the Research Paper

How do you feel when your tutor tells you that your research paper is irrelevant? Well, most of the Nigeria students just like the rest of the students at the global level mess up their research papers at the thesis statement. Sometimes students deliver the right content of the research paper though such materials do not conform to the topic and thesis statement.

Writers at Essay Kitchen inform Nigerian students that thesis statement should be complete with the narrow topic with limited scope, specific and has the organization plan for the research paper. Besides, the thesis statement should give a summary of the student’s point of view, elaborates on the purpose of the research paper and convey valuable information with the length of the paper. Therefore, students should determine the type of research paper, the aim of the research as well as the audience of the research paper.

Moreover, Nigerian students when developing thesis, statements should ask questions and prepare answers to the report. Besides, the students should be able to prove the thesis statement and should have two parts that indicate the topic and summary of the essential idea. Lastly, Nigerian students need to give high-quality thesis statement regarding the position, the strength of argument, length, and format. Furthermore, students should ensure that the thesis statement has an opinion and a dependent clause in the same sentence with the strong persuasive argument.  

Development of an outline

A research paper usually has a title page, an abstract, an introduction, the body, conclusion and the reference page. When writing a paper, students should ensure that the abstract contains between 150 and 250 words that give a summary of the article as an abstract. The introduction offers in-depth background information on the topic and a brief comment leading to the subject matter. Students should ensure that this section has no more than two pages. Consequently, the body of the research paper should be divided into different topics and parts based on the length and type of the research paper. Lastly, the research paper should contain a conclusion that gives a summary of the results and recommendation on the next course of action. Students need to check the outline to ensure that it captures all the relevant sections and points in chronological order and relay the best organization for the essay. Moreover, the shape should highlight on the reference list and appendices if present.

Development of a Draft

Paragraph 1: Abstract

When writing an abstract of a research paper, Nigerian students should give a summary of the research paper highlighting the aim, objectives, methodology, results, and conclusion with recommendations of the study. The abstract needs to be about 150 words in length and should not have new information apart from the summary of the research.

Paragraph 2: Introduction

Students should begin the introduction with a leading sentence especially a statistics on the topic and background information regarding the topic. Besides, the section should bring out the phenomenon, statement problem and the reason for the research as well as a thesis statement. Moreover, the students should use a transition sentence provide linkage of the research paper to the topic and thesis statement.

Paragraph 3 and other sections: Body

The body of the research paper has several sections that contain different chapters. Thus the students should provide relevant information regarding the research notably on literature review, methodology, results, and discussions with others. The section should be informative at it carries the bulk of the research paper hence should be clear, precise and has fulfilled the objectives of the research paper. Moreover, the body should give evidence to support thesis statement as well as support or reject the present hypothesis.

Conclusion and Recommendation

The conclusion gives a summary of the research and clarifies whether the results accept or reject the hypothesis. Thus, Nigerian students need to remain relevant and fulfill the objectives of the search. Lastly, the students should provide limitations of the research and give recommendations for the future endeavors regarding the topic.


Before submitting the final paper, students should read aloud the research paper or invite a colleague to read and identify the various spelling and grammar errors. Cross check the facts and figures to ensure that they are relevant and accurate. Lastly, ensure that the research paper is in line with the objectives and purpose of the research paper.


In a nutshell, developing a good research paper improves the grades of students that positively impact on the overall grade of the final examination. Therefore, Nigerian students just like other students globally should embrace excellence when delivering such papers.