Gord Steinke Wife Deb Steinke Congratulates On Retirement From Global Edmonton

Gord Steinke has decided to retire from journalism and spend more time traveling and exploring new places worldwide with his wife.

Steinke is a retiring anchor for Global Edmonton who is getting ready to look back and enjoy the days he couldn’t live while surrounded by responsibilities.

The 63-year-old news industry veteran, who will retire in August after 30 years in the business, is ready to try new things in life that he was unable to accomplish while enmeshed in his journalistic duties.

Family: Gord Steinke Wife Deb Steinke Congratulates On Retirement From Global Edmonton

Gord Steinke is getting ready to read the news on live tv for the final time before he formally retires on Wednesday, three decades after starting as a television news anchor with Global Edmonton. But, according to Steinke, he had an early interest in journalism.

He said that as a child, he and a classmate at school launched their newspaper since they both loved reading newspapers so much. Including his love of conducting interviews and his curiosity about the world around him, he said that his lifetime enthusiasm for the profession still exists today.

Many people congratulated Gord for his impressive run as a journalist and for achieving the feat of serving a company for 30 years. His wife Deb Steinke was also not an exception, as she also congratulated her husband for his achievements as a journalist. Steinke says he and his wife, who frequently travel together on his Harley-Davidson, have more travel and family time planned for the future.

Gord Steinke Salary And Net Worth In 2022

Gord has established himself as one of the greatest ever to host a news program in the context of Canadian news stations. Throughout the years, he earned many fans and bagged lots of money.

Gord’s financial asses were never documented, but the anchor is supposed to earn tons of money by his job as a news anchor. His net worth is estimated to be around $1 Million in 2022. However, in a survey conducted by Salary Expert, the average news anchor’s gross salary in Edmonton, AlbertaGord, is more than $120,000.

Has worked as an anchor for International Edmonton for more than three decades. He has earned money while working in print, radio, and television media. He has written a book as well. These references demonstrate the anchor’s incredible net worth in the tens of thousands.

Who Are In Gord Steinke’s Family?

Gord is one of the most well-liked news anchors in the area and a successful writer, in addition to being an award-winning journalist. Gord has co-anchored Global News Hour at six on weeknights on Global Edmonton for more than 30 years, making it the top newscast in Edmonton. He also hosts Global News at Five.

In Saskatchewan, where he received his Bachelor of Arts in Journalism and Communications from the University of Regina, Gord started his broadcasting career. His initial employment was in print journalism, followed by radio work until he moved to Regina to work as a television reporter and anchor.

The anchor never discussed his private life with his fans via mainstream media or a social media platform. Considering his age, he might also have sons or daughters or some grandchildren. The fact that he had received a renowned government army honor was one of Gord’s proudest achievements. The Federal Government awarded him the Honorary Lieutenant Colonel of 15 Edmonton Field Ambulance.

The 41st Canadian Brigade Group includes the unit. In addition, Gord recently received the prestigious Sovereign’s Medal for Volunteers from the Governor General of Canada, which honors extraordinary community service.