Golf Girl Grace Charice Is Trending On TikTok- 5 Facts To Know About Her

If you’re an avid social media user, the name Grace Charice might hit you as the Golf Girl.

The gorgeous young lady has become a new wave on the web as she has wowed everyone with her eye-catching looks and impressive golf skills.

Her photos and videos are mainly shot around golf courses, and they have stormed many platforms, including Instagram, TikTok, YouTube, and Twitter.

Grace has accumulated a significant number of followers and subscribers in a short phase, while the majority of the netizens have become intrigued about her.

Other than anything, the ravishing lady Grace Charice is the newest trending star on TikTok.

She has nabbed fame on the video-sharing platform more than anything, and the follower count has exceeded over a million.

Better known as Graceeecharisss on the site, Golf Girl enjoys more than 1.5 million followers. Meanwhile, she has received 27 million likes on her overall videos to date.

On the other hand, her videos have gone viral to the point that a single video has reeled in more than 15 million over the course of time. 

Meanwhile, most of the golfing beauty’s videos usually cross a million view mark.

@graceeecharisss Almost had a bounce in the center target ? #ReTokforNature #golf #fyp #golfgirl #fypシ ♬ original sound – Everything Animals ?

Fellow TikTok users have showered Grace will all love, likes, views, and attention for her videos that showcase the beautiful golfer doing her part of her day.

To be precise, Grace’s videos rarely show her outside a golf yard, indicating that she is devoted to her image as a showstopper golfer.

Aside from her cute looks, TikTok users have also noticed her knack for the sport and have actually praised her for her talent.

Her creativity in giving such engaging and hypnotizing content on golf and beauty is quite exciting and praiseworthy.

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TikToker Graceeecharisss Aka Grace Charice Turned 19 In 2022

A young golfer, Grace has used the internet to her benefit despite her age and background.

It might be shocking that this golfing lady is just 19 years old in 2022, contrary to her holding skills that take years to master.

At such a young age, Grace successfully gave her viewers golf and fashion tips as Graceeecharisss on TikTok. Despite her broad social media reach, this TikTok lady has hardly shared the insiders into her personal life.

The internet’s newest star prefers to speak about her golf knowledge and take on comfortable fashion while playing the sport.

Citing that she is 19, she was born in 2003, but her birthday remains to herself, her friends, and her family. Likewise, Grace still not mentioned the people close to her in real life even though she introduced many of her fellow celebrity friends before.

This native Californian is a prominent example of how the internet can change one’s life if used with intellect.

Grace Charice Net Worth Is In Millions From Her web Career And NFTs

It might be shocking for some people that web stars are worth millions coming in 2022 from their various passive income sources from multiple sites and investments.

The same goes for Grace Charice, who only started her web career journey a few years ago. With time, she gradually grew up in her experience and knowledge to create something on the web.

Hence, she has grown as a public figure and a web star that brings her thousands of dollars from brands and companies.

Thus, the golf-playing teen has been earning some good figures since her fame on TikTok, and other sites blew up.

Apart from her revenue from social sites and brand endorsements, Grace also earns from NFTs.

Her TikTok bio confirms that she is involved in tokenizing these cryptographic assets on the web. As an avid internet user and learner of the worth of the market, this TikTok star’s mind works far from only posing on social media.

Hence, at just 19, Grace’s net worth rakes more than a million dollars in this digital world.

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TikTok Star Grace Is Also On Active On Instagram With Her Stunning Photos

As mentioned above, Grace Charice’s fame is not limited to TikTok videos.

She has an active presence on Instagram, another pioneer in the social media age. While her TikTok followings are more than a million, Graceeecharisss has successfully garnered a fan following of 237k on the photo-videos sharing platform.

Interestingly, she only started posting on the site in late February. Hence, it must be her loyal TikTok viewers who followed her all the way to Instagram.

Her reels collect thousands of views while her profile is loaded with tags from fellow Instagrammers. 

Grace has undoubtedly raised the bar on golfing videos as her golfing skills have gotten sharper and her fashion statements get alluring with every video.

Apart from Instagram, she is also available on Snapchat as Gracecharisxo.

Golf Girl Has Amassed More Than 4 Million Views On YouTube In Eight Months

Grace Charis is serious about her web career and has left no stone unturned to have an active presence on the web.

Besides TikTok and Instagram, she is also a dedicated YouTuber. The Golf Girl started her YouTube channel on July 1, 2020, while she only started uploading videos eight months back, in late December 2021.

Interestingly, her seven videos and eighteen YouTube short videos have crossed a total of four million views on the video-sharing platform with 40k subscribers.

The video that brought the most views at 207k is the Q&A video with Tia Judd. Judd is a fellow TikToker and a nurse who appeared in the late January video.

This golfing duo played golf together and answered some of the interesting questions that Grace’s followers had asked her on Instagram.

Likewise, aside from doing videos on YouTube, the fashionista golfer also streams on Twitch.

With so much engagement in social media, she will soon emerge as one of the sought-after web stars.