Facts About Hugh Bonneville Weight Loss Update 2022 As His New Film Airs On Netflix

Hugh Bonneville is the widely acclaimed Robert Crawley portraying actor in “Downton Abbey.”

Leading as the main character in the franchise’s movies and series, he is mainly known by his character name among his audience.

Meanwhile, it is not the only hit venture of the actor since Hugh has been a part of notable movies, including 1997’s “Notting Hill,” 2001’s “Iris,” 2014’s “The Monuments Men,” and the Paddington films.

However, his character Robert Crawley has earned him the most awards, such as a nomination at the Golden Globes, two at Primetime Emmy Awards, and three Screen Actors Guild Awards.

With his growing years in the industry, Hugh continues to touch his audience with new varieties of projects and characters each year.

Hugh Bonneville Weight Loss Update In 2022 As His New Film Airs On Netflix

Lord Grantham from Downtown Abbey is known for his fit and healthy looks, and so is his actor Hugh.

However, that all changed in 2020 when the Covid-19 lockdown hit the world. The English actor looked for other ways to settle his body shape and took himself out of his Downtown Abbey persona.

The Sun shared pictures of Hugh coming in public after staying home for much more time and called him almost unrecognizable due to the massive weight loss.

Hugh also confirmed that he was healthy and happy with his notable transformation, while his fans were stunned to see the new change.

The news of his weight loss and the actor’s newfound spirit continued to make headlines in 2021, which is the same as this year.

As of 2022, Hugh is still in shape and looking forward to his new movie “I Came By’s release on Netflix.

Regarding his connection with his weight, the actor was known for his bulky shape in the past. Matter of fact, he had opened up about an incident about his wife calling him “as fat as a pig” in 2009.

The actor had confirmed that he took help from a personal trainer in the past, but his 2020’s drastic weight loss journey shocked all.

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Hugh Bonneville Portrays A Twisting Main Character In His New Netflix Movie

“I Came By” hit Netflix on August 31 and has opened to relatively positive reviews from critics.

The movie is Hugh’s latest venture in his career, while Daily Mail UK confirms that he is portraying more of a dark and sinister character, apart from his previous projects.

Hugh portrays Hector, a High Court judge whose house gets broken at the movie’s start. The crime thriller follows a young graffiti artist, portrayed by the “1917” actor George McKay who targets the homes of the wealthy elite to rob them.

However, McKay has discovered a shocking secret about Hector and his house that has endangered his life.

The movie’s thrilling plot follows the two men and their supporting co-stars as they unravel the dark secret and fight each other for their respective purposes.

IMDb has recorded an impressive 5.9/10 stars from its viewers right after its release. Hence, the movie and its cast hope for a great review and revenue after its release.

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I Came By Actor Hugh Bonneville Health Seems Fine As He Is Away From Illnesses

While his newest movies, “Downton Abbey: A New Era” and “I Came By,” have been creating headlines for his acting, one side of his fandom is intrigued about his health.

Concerns for his health and speculations of his illnesses started way back because the 58-year-old struggled to maintain his weight.

The constant visible changes in his weight and appearance were the main reasons behind the “I Came By” actor’s concerned fans.

However, as things seem so far, Hugh seems alight and away from any underlying illnesses. The actor has not shared any uneasiness about his health though he has been open about his weight issues.

And it seems so; he has finally way out of his weight problems since he has maintained a healthy diet and has been in good shape for the last past few years.

Hello Magazine in 2021 reported that since his 2009 revelation of exercising “little and often” and having “no carbs in the evening,” Hugh has been following the same routine.

Hence, without heavy engagement in physical movements and extreme diet plans, the aging actor has been delivering the best acting with a balanced schedule during the filming.