Everything To Know About Baseball Columnist Jeff Passan

Jeff Passan is best known for his punditry on baseball and mainly the MLB insiders.

However, he is more notable as the author of the New York Times Best Seller “The Arm: Inside the Billion-Dollar Mystery of the Most Valuable Commodity in Sports.”

Mr. Passan has been devoted to ESPN baseball since 2019 and is considered one of the notable names in his field.

But before that, he worked at Yahoo! for a whopping thirteen years, from 2006 to 2018. His presence in the field continues while Passan reaches new heights every year.

Jeff Passan Is Devoted To Wife Sara Reike Who Inspired Him In His Career

The baseball expert is married to a loving partner who prefers to avoid the media.

She has been successful in doing so for some time and only focusing on her family. Hence, not much news about the couple’s marriage and loving moments has made it to the general public. 

Mrs. Passan, aka Sara Reike, made the mistake of appearing on Jeff’s interview videos earlier this year; however, that is one of the rare connections to her bond with the people/

Hence, not much about Sara’s life outside of her marriage to Jeff is known to the media.

Though the interview was a slip, she has continued her work to stay away from her husband’s work and regular family outings.

Likewise, the precise particulars of this couple’s love life and marriage remain away from Jeff’s fans.

Jeff Passan Earns An Impressive Salary As An ESPN Baseball Columnist

The sports journalist, mainly a baseball columnist at ESPN, without a doubt, earns an impressive figure of salary.

As Glass Door confirms that an average salary of an ESPN writer is set at $53,183 per year, Jeff earns more than that as a veteran.

He has been covering sports, mainly baseball, for media houses for nearly two decades. His first work was at “The Daily Orange” at Syracuse University before covering Fresno State basketball.

Passan started covering baseball at “The Kansas City Star” in 2004. He then moved to Yahoo! in 2006 and settled there for 13 years.

It was only in 2018 when he signed himself off from his position at the big company and joined ESPN’s Baseball team in January 2019.

Since then, the 41-year-old sports media veteran has devoted himself to ESPN and continued to provide fresh stories every time.

Regarding his educational qualifications, he is a 2002 graduate of Syracuse University’s S. I. Newhouse School of Public Communications in journalism.

JPassan’s career is a perfect example of a career followed by his college degree. 

Jeff Passan Net Worth 2022- How Rich Is The Baseball Columnist Jeff Passan?

Jeff Passan is a notable sportsperson for ESPN and one of the few people in the field to earn such a leave of notability and respect.

He has a busy schedule as a columnist and reporter for the same reason.

Aside from writing for, he also makes regular appearances on “SportsCenter,” “Baseball Tonight,” “Baseball Tonight: Sunday Night Countdown,” “Sunday Night Baseball,” and other ESPN media presentations such as podcasts.

Clearly, his schedule is jam-packed within the company, ensuring an equally impressive paycheque.

Mr. Passan earns more figures than others in the office and is a millionaire already. Hence, he holds a net worth value of more than $1 million as of 2022.

Likewise, ESPN Press Room confirmed that he had signed another multi-year extension, continuing his work as a lead reporter and commentator for the sports biggie’s multiplatform MLB coverage.

With a few more years to earn more than before, Passan is on his way to more happy days forward in the company.