Did Stacey Dash Bleach Her Skin? Here Are Before And After Pictures After What Seems Like Skin Lightening

Stacey Dash is a well-liked American actress known for the 1995 feature film Clueless as Dionne Maries. She has been active in Hollywood since 1982.

She was praised for her performance in the 1985 television sitcom The Cosby Show’s episode “Denise’s Friend” as Michelle.

Dash’s notable on-screen appearance came in the 1988 TV 101 series, but it got canceled after 13 episodes.

In 1988, she played his first significant film role in the Richard Pryor comedy Moving. At the same time, she also played significant roles in Renaissance Man and Mo’ Money.

Did Stacey Dash Bleach Her Skin? Before And After Skin Lightening

Singer Stacey Dash received a lot of criticism when she joined Fox News as a contributor. But she is adamant about her right-leaning ideas and refuses to listen to people who call her a “sellout,” “Uncle Tom,” and other derogatory terms.

Rumors suggested that she did bleach to lighten her skin, primarily to land that coveted job on Fox News.

Since the discussion concerning her skin bleaching started, people have compared her before and after photos to support the allegations.

Pointing to the matter, Stacey claimed it is entirely inaccurate in every way and added that her “Haters are getting imaginative.”

Later, the actress tweeted, “apparently, I’m not an Uncle Tom anymore, but I’m bleaching my skin to be more white. LOL.”

During the time, former Bowling Green, Kentucky Hip Hop group Nappy Roots member R. Prophet also claimed that his ex-girlfriend Stacey bleached her skin tone.

“Look, look at her skin now; she doesn’t seem like she’s the same tone to me,” R. Prophet remarked in a conversation with VladTV.

He added, “I don’t know what has caused her to change over the years. She seemed to be a normal person back when she was doing Clueless and things like that.”

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Who Are Stacey Dash Parents Linda & Dennis?

Stacey Dash is the only daughter of Linda and Dennis Dash. She was born to her parents in the Bronx, New York, on 20 January 1967.

When she was thirteen, her parents got divorced. Later, her mom Linda married Cecil Holmes, the co-founder of Casablanca Records.

During an interview with the Fallen State in July 2018, the artist admitted having no healthy relationship with either of her parents.

When she was sixty, her mother was the one who first introduced her to drugs. After that, Dash experienced addiction and an existential crisis. She even confessed to being depressed.

Both Dash’s parents are no more in this world. In the early 1990s, her family experienced a heavy loss.

The tragedy occurred when Dash’s brother Darien was eighteen. Her dad passed away in the space of two, and her mother separated from her stepfather.

In November 2017, her mother took her last breath. Stacey is thankful that she could forgive her mother on time and maintain a healthy relationship with her.

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Stacey Dash Ethnicity & Family Background

“Honor Up” actress Stacey Dash is of mixed ethnicity as her family belongs from different ancestry origins.

Due to her parents’ diverse cultural backgrounds, she is of Mexican and Afro-Bajan descent.

Growing up, she had a rough childhood as both her mom and dad were drug addicts. So, she never experiences a healthy family environment.

Stacey was forced to reside with another family when she was four. Sadly, she was physically assaulted by a teenager in the family and was suppressed by his parents.

She moved independently after being unable to discuss the experience with her parents. The artist first learned about her parents’ drug use when she was about 12 years old.

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How Many Siblings Does Stacey Dash Have?

Stacey Dash has a sibling named Darien Dash, who was introduced to the inner working of the music industry by their step-dad Cecil Holmes.

Now, Darien owns the first publicly traded African American-led website company, DME Interactive. He was the association of black students’ president during his college days.

Nevertheless, Stacey’s brother Darien did exceptionally well in his academic pursuits and has always worked to address problems affecting the African American community.

He is also a well-known philanthropist who enjoys assisting children from low-income homes in gaining access to modern technology and specialized skills.

Yes, actress Stacey Dash is related to Damon Dash, the founder of Roc-A-Fella-Records. The two are first cousins in family relations.

Stacey and Damon remained close as they collaborated inside the entertainment industry and used their unique platforms to support one another.

When Damon launched his production firm, he even hired Stacey as an actor in some of his earlier film projects.

Stacey served as the main character in several of his act’s music videos when he was the head of Roc-A-Fella Records, which further strengthened the association between Stacey and some of his musicians. 

Actress Stacey is  also recognized for her role as the title character in Kanye West and Damon’s music video for “All Falls Down.”