Delhi: Man who killed friend over an argument about girl, arrested

New Delhi, Sep 12 (IANS) A man, who killed his companion and harmed his brother during a contention about a young lady in North Delhi’s Sabzi Mandi, has been captured, police said on Monday.

The police expressed that around 12 a.m. they got a call in regards to the episode from the HRH Hospital that one Mihir, 21, an occupant of Malkaganj, Sabzi Mandi alongside his brother Prince, 20, was conceded with various cut injuries by their cousin Nitesh.

Subsequent to getting the data, a police group was shipped off HRH Hospital, where Prince was found dead during treatment and his brother Mihir was going through treatment.

“From request, it was discovered that the departed and his brother were gone after by one Sidhharth assumed name Mannu of Malkaganj. The departed was his companion. At around 8.45 p.m. on Sunday the charged Sidhharth cut the departed a few times and his brother in the wake of having a contention over a young lady,” said the police.

A Crime Team was called at the spot and CCTV was gathered. The charged, who was on the run at first, was found on Monday morning.