Cole Kmet Parents Frank Scott Kmet And Kandace Kmet Raised Four Children

Cole Kmet parents Frank Scott Kmet and Kandace Kmet are from Lake Barrington. Frank Scott Kmet is a former defensive end for Chicago Bears.

Cole is a Tight End for Chicago Bears selected in the 2nd round draft in 2020.

The 23-year-old player has been active in the Bears since then and has made 138 receptions, nine receiving touchdowns, and completed nearly 1400 receiving yards.

Cole played college football at Notre Dame from 2017-2019. He also played baseball there. In January 2020, he gave up his senior year to announce his NFL draft.

Meanwhile, his father and mother have been supporting Cole’s career. They are proud of what their son has achieved in his life.

Cole Kmet Mom and Dad

Cole Kmet was born to dad Frank Scott Kmet and mom Kandace Kmet in 1993. 

Frank and Kandace come from different professional backgrounds but are natives of Illinois. The couple has been living in Barrington, Illinois.

Mother Kandace Kmet

Kandace is a real estate broker for the firm Weichert Realtors-McKee Real Estate.

She studied at Purdue University. Before that, Kandace went to Carmel High school in Mundelein. 

Kandace has been involved in the Weichert Real Estate business since February 2021. Her business is active on LinkedIn and has the slogan, “Invite us in. We’ll bring results.” The company is based in Long Grove, Illinois. 

Kandace Real Estate Career

Cole’s mother has been successful in her Real estate career.

Per, she has sold 11 homes at $415K – $880K. The total value of her sales is 6 million dollars. 

Kandace’s sales are good for a person with just two years of experience in the real estate sector. She specializes in the home types: house and townhouse. 

She finalized a 5-bed house sale by representing a seller on 19th December 2022 for $725,000. The house is located at Fairhill Road, Libertyville, Illinois.

Per Realtor, on 13th January 2023, Kandace represented a buyer for the purchase of a 3-bed home in Hawthorn Woods for $387,000. 

In February 2022, Kandace’s hard work was recognized by her company as she received the Certificate of Achievement for Sales and Service completed in 2021 at the Weichert Annual Award event. The company also shared the good news on its LinkedIn. 

Kandace is Proud of her Son

Kandace has been proud since Cole joined the Chicago Bears in 2020. 

Cole’s mom shared her son’s touchdown experience with the Chicago Bears in October 2020. When the rookie TE had made his first touchdown against the Carolina Panthers, Kandace was present at the game. 

Kandace stated how she was excited about seeing her child’s progress live in the Bank of America Stadium. She also added that it was the key moment of her life and shared her son’s happiness during the touchdown moment. 

Even though there were Covid-19 restrictions placed in the stadium, she remarked that she did not want to miss Cole’s game and quickly booked the tickets online. Cole also shared how he saw his mom waving wildly and pumped up for the match.

Father Frank Scott Kmet

Frank is a former NFL Defensive End for the Chicago Bears. 

Frank was drafted in the 4th round in 1992 by the Buffalo Bills. He had a leg injury that decreased his draft rating. He also performed a bench press record of 26 reps during the NFL combine.

However, after being drafted, he was released shortly after and joined the Green Bay Packers. 

Frank ultimately signed with the Chicago Bears in 1993 and spent two years of his career in the practice squad. He finally retired in 1996 without playing a match during the regular season. 

Cole has followed in his father’s footsteps since he also chose to delve into a sports career by successfully becoming an NFL player. 

The 53-year-old former end played in the Purdue Boilermakers team in his college days. He received an honorable mention in All-Big Ten Conference due to his 95 tackles. 

Frank studied at John Hersey high school, which is located in Arlington Heights, Illinois. 

Frank is happy Cole got selected by the Bears 

Frank is joyful that his son got drafted by the Bears, which also happens to be his former team. 

Moreover, Frank stated to the Chicago Bears in May 2020 that it was his lifelong dream to be a part of the Bears since it is his hometown. He also taught Cole about the importance of a strong mentality during their training hours. 

Frank was excited about Cole’s games and stated how shocked he still was that his son had accomplished becoming a Bear now.

Cole Kmet Family

Cole Kmet has three siblings: Frankie, Cooper, and Casey Kmet.

All the siblings have been living in Barrington, Illinois. Cole has established a close bond with each of them.

Sister Frankie Kmet

Cole Kmet sister Frankie Kmet studied at Saint Viator High School. 

Frankie shared her senior year photo with her beloved school friends on August 22, 2019. She captioned “Final Countdown” on her Instagram. One user even commented that they were such pretty seniors. 

Frankie also shared her graduation day celebration on May 27, 2020. She shared the news on her Instagram with a humorous caption, “big girl thing.” The comments were filled with congratulatory notes. 

Frankie also had a heartwarming reaction to the draft selection of Cole in April 2020. The whole family was overjoyed in their residence when the then Bears head coach, Matt Nagy, phoned him and announced his selection. 

Cole’s sister shared the household’s reaction on her Instagram and stated how it felt unreal and showcased her happiness. She also congratulated Cole and added that he deserved it all. 

Frankie is active on TikTok with more than 3k followers and occasionally shares her duets with friends. She showed support for her boyfriend’s Hawkeyes team by wearing his jersey and had fun dancing to Central Cee music on October 22, 2022.

Frankie is in a Relationship with Iowa Hawkeyes Lukas Van Ness

Lukas Van Ness and his girlfriend, Frankie Kmet have been dating since 2022. 

Frankie celebrated Lukas’ 21st birthday on July 7, featuring photos of their relationship moments. She showcased a photo of them swimming in the sea, their life in a boat, and an old photo of them in their home. 

Frankie captioned the photo with her love, stating that Lukas made her very happy and 21 never looked better. Lukas replied to her post by saying that he loved her. One user even stated that the duo was the favorite couple on this earth.

Frankie and Lucas Dating Life 

Lukas and Frankie spent their day in a music concert during the nighttime on July 26, 2022. Frankie looked adorable sitting at Lukas’ back. 

Lukas also wished a happy birthday to his sweetheart on January 12, 2023, when Frankie shared about it on her Instagram. 

Frankie visited Iowa City on November 19, 2022, and highlighted her trip there by watching her boyfriend’s games in the stadium with her mates. She also looked stunning wearing the Iowa Hawkeyes varsity jacket. 

Frankie is also a fan of Lukas’s fitness passion. The Hawkeyes End shared a motivational fitness quote on his Instagram account in June 2022, and Frankie joined in the conversation by humorously saying that her partner was on the grind.

Moreover, Lukas also considers Frankie, his adventure buddy, as stated in her Birthday IG post. Frankie replied with a fist bump emoji, indicating her agreement.

Brother Cooper Kmet

Cole Kmet brother Cooper Kmet is a Quarterback at St Viator High School.

Kmet will graduate from his school in 2025. He has a lot of potential and room to grow till his graduation and seek a college career.

Per 247Sports, Cooper has shown interest in Iowa State, Michigan, and Tennessee for his collegiate career. According to his Twitter, he is particularly interested in Michigan football since he was invited by its coach, Jim Harbaugh.

Cooper has shared athletic interests with his sibling and has gotten involved in football and baseball. Per his Instagram, he has showcased moments of his play career. 

Quarterback Cooper Career

Cooper has trained with the famous Throw it Deep organization, which provides quarterbacks and receivers training. 

He shared some story highlights on his Instagram regarding his training sessions in the organization, throwing passes, and improving his footwork. 

The 6’1 junior Kmet’s favorite player is the LA Chargers’ quarterback, Justin Herbert. He has stated that Justin is his favorite because he is young and also possesses a strong arm. Cooper likes watching Justin throw deep passes for touchdowns. 

Cooper believes that he has the quality of being a great leader and likes being a team player as well. 

Cooper’s favorite moment in his football career came in 2022 when his team lost at the 30-yard line. Cooper rolled out of the pocket and threw the ball at the end zone, making a remarkable touchdown and getting the game tied. That level of thrill and excitement can only be felt at that moment.

Cooper is also involved in baseball

Cole’s brother also played baseball in his high school. 

Cooper participated in the 2022 15U WWBA North Championship held from July 14 – 17, 2022. he played for the Top Tier Americans 15U team, based in Chicago. 

His single best performance for baseball occurred on July 16, 2022, when Kmet made one hit, two runs, and two walks against Illinois Patriots. 

Brother Casey Kmet

Cole Kmet sibling, Casey Kmet, studies at the University of Notre Dame. Casey graduated from St. Viator High school.

Casey is solely focused on baseball, unlike Cooper and Cole. His Instagram highlights many of his baseball moments. 

On August 15, 2017, Casey showcased his batting in the Major League Baseball Youth Academy. He was involved in tryouts organized by the Area Code Baseball, which deals with a 3 to 5-day showcase for nations’ top baseball players. 

Casey also shared an inspirational IG post on how he was 5’9, but that did not stop him from following his dreams. One user even commented about how size did not matter, and that it was the fight in the dog that mattered. 

Casey also shared an Instagram post with his sister Frankie in Ford Field on November 26, 2021, to cheer for Cole’s match against the Detroit Lions.

Casey Baseball Career

Casey has a passion for baseball even though he has pursued a Business degree at Mendoza College of Business.

Kmet committed to Notre Dame in August 2017. He has played college baseball since 2021 and has ten games in two seasons. He has made seven plate appearances and got seven at-bats. 

Along with Casey in the team, the Notre Dame baseball team successfully reached the College World Series in 2022. Casey retweeted this happy news on his Twitter.

In his Junior season, Casey recorded his first collegiate hit in the win over Marist on February 25, 2022. He also scored his first college run in the win over Wake Forest.on April 22, 2022. 

He made his debut during his sophomore year in 2021 against Georgia Tech on April 9, 2021. He did not get to play his freshman year due to an injury.

Casey has made many achievements in his collegiate career, like being inducted into the 2017 first-team All-State, becoming 2017 State Champions 3A Illinois, and being named the offensive and defensive MPV in his high school three times.