Brett Kern Wife Tiffany Kern And Their Family Of Four

Brett Kern wife Tiffany Kern is a housewife living in Grand Island town in New York. Kern has three children Bryce Jeremiah, Anelle Naomi, and Quinn Eliana.

Brett was born on February 17, 1986, and is an American football punter native of Grand Island, New York. Kern graduated from Grand Island Senior High School in 2004. Kern has also represented New york state in the New York-New Jersey Governor’s Bowl. 

After an excellent high-school career, Brett played at Toledo college from 2004 to 2007.

In 2008 Kern started his NFL journey with Denver Broncos, Tennessee Titans, and Philadelphia Eagles. In 2023 he might be the oldest punter to be playing a Super Bowl.

Apart from his entire successful career, Brent and his other half are also high believers in spirituality.

Brett Kern Partner Tiffany Kern

Brett Kern Buffalo Bills partner Tiffany Kern tied the knot with the punter on 5th July 2008. 

The beautiful couple started dating each other when Brett was in college. While playing a softball game in college, he noticed the young woman and told his roommate that Tiffany would be his partner someday.

Tiffany is highly religious and strongly believes in God, which is evident in her daily life. In an Interview with the Nashville mom, she revealed her single best realization in life was accepting the relationship with Jesus.

Tiffany’s love for Jesus can be known after knowing her favorite Instagram account. In the same interview, Kern revealed her preferred Instagram accounts were @illuminationsbible, @elisabethhasselbeck, and @estherfleeceallen. 

Unlike the younger generation, Tiffany likes to call someone more than receive a text from someone, but she understands that texting is convenient in real life. But during a text message conversation, Tiffany loves adding gifs which makes her conversation more entertaining. 

In addition to being a great mother, Tiffany is also passionate about supporting her local community. During her husband’s time with Tennessee Titans, she frequently visited her friends for lunch at Thirstle Farms Cafe, a local restaurant, and she also took her child to Third Coast Clay during rainy days.

Brett Has Three children

Brett Kern’s children are Bryce Jermain, Anelle Naomi, and Quinn Eliana. 

Brett’s Son Bryce Jermain Kern

Bryce is the oldest son of Brett and Tiffany Kern. The charming couple was blessed with a baby boy in 2011. As of 2023, Bryce is 12 years old. 

Like his father, Bryce has a passion for sports, especially baseball. In 2017, he started playing baseball for the first time as a catcher and has shown great potential.

In 2018 while playing baseball for the Beau, he showed great potential in baseball. In the tournament, the team of Beau almost won the game. The proud father posted his success on Instagram.

Attending games with his father has become a family tradition for Bryce. He never misses a single game and cheers his father on from the sidelines. Bryce has also been a great support system for his father, who has praised his son for his dedication and love for sports.

Brett’s First Daughter Anelle Naomi Kern

The Kernel family was blessed with the first daughter after a year of having a son, and her name was Anelle Kern. Anelle was born on May 29, 2012. As of 2023, Anelle is 11 years old. 

Unlike her brother Anelle is more interested in dancing. On January 5, 2016, the little angel went to her first ballet class.

Brett never fails to spend some quality time with his first daughter. He takes her to dinner and ice skating and shares the beautiful memories on his Instagram. 

Brett’s Youngest Child Quinn Eliana Kern

The youngest child of Brett and Tiffany is Quinn Eliana Kern. Quinn was born on March 21, 2016. As of 2023, Quinn is six years old.