Booth Danesh And Avril Campbell – Where Are Darius Campbell’s Parents Now?

Darius Campbell was born to his parents Booth Danesh and Avril Campbell. Darius inherited his last name from his father which he later decided to change to his mother’s maiden name which is Campbell.

Booth and Avril lost their son Darius after he was found dead in his US apartment at the age of 41. His family stated that he was found unresponsive in bed in his apartment room in Rochester, Minnesota, on August 11.

The local medical examiner’s office declared him dead the same evening. Furthermore, as per the police investigation, they did not find any signs of intent or suspicious circumstances.

As the medical examination is still going on, they still have to find out the cause of his death. His family including his parents Booth and Avril are mourning the loss of their son.

Darius Campbell Was Born To His Parents Booth Danesh And Avril Campbell: Where Are They Now?

Both Darius Campbell’s parents Booth Danesh and Avril Campell have survived the near-death experience. They are currently living a sound life after recovering from the deadly diseases.

Ten years prior, Dr. Booth Danesh, his father, an Iranian-born gastroenterologist, had had a fatal cancer diagnosis. Doctors had given him just three months to survive.

Additionally, his Scottish doctor mother, Avril Campbell Danesh, received a breast cancer diagnosis in 2015. However, both went on to experience remarkable recoveries; Dr. Booth’s stage 4 cancer, which had spread to his bone marrow.

Doctors cured him with the help of chemotherapy and radiotherapy. He had been experiencing fatigue for 18 months prior to being diagnosed. However, at the time, his symptoms were misdiagnosed as arthritis.

Only until he passed out at home one day did a scan uncover a pelvic tumor the size of a huge orange. At that point, it was terminal because it had reached his bone marrow.

They both eventually survived their illness and now are in good health condition

Darius Campbell Himself Had A Long Journey With His Illness

In 2017, Darius Campbell experienced a health emergency of his own when he drank contaminated water from the River Thames. It happened when he was filming for an advert for a charity water filter and he collapsed into a near-fatal coma.

Turns out he had cerebral edema. It is a condition where the brain swells and gets bigger than your skull. His immunity was low due to an inflammatory virus he had contracted from the Thames, and he later had bacterial meningitis.

After he fell into a coma, his mother Avril, who was receiving treatment at the time, stayed by his side and looked up to him. During one of his interviews after his recovery, he told he has a new respect for his parents.

Darius Campbell’s Sudden Demise Has Left People Shocked

Darius Campbell suddenly died in his own apartment at the age of 41. His demise news came as a shock to his family, friends, and fans.

Many people have paid tribute to the deceased celebrity, including actor Sanjeev Bhaskar, who recalled the actor’s debut on his program The Kumars at No. 42.

He remembered Darius as a nicer, warmer guest with a great sense of self-deprecation. Other celebrities like Rylan Clark-Neal and Lorraine Kelly also paid tribute to the late star on social media.