Blue Jackets Defensemen Erik Gudbranson Married His Wife Sarah Gudbranson In September 2019

Erik Gudbranson and his wife, Sarah Gudbranson, have been married for three years. The couple has two adorable kids together.

Best known as the Columbus Blue Jackets defenseman, Erik is one of the notable National Hockey League (NHL) players in the current scenario.

Since his draft at the 2010 NHL Entry Draft, Gudbranson has continued to be a part of the league for more than twelve years coming into 2022.

Before his time with the Jackets, the defenseman played for many NHL teams, including Florida Panthers, Vancouver Canucks, and Pittsburgh Penguins, among many others.

His other team ventures include big-name teams like Anaheim Ducks, Ottawa Senators, Nashville Predators, and Calgary Flames.

Gudbranson, who had been selected third overall in the 2010 NHL Entry Draft by the Florida Panthers, is now playing with the Jackets, within a multi-million contract.

Meanwhile, apart from his gameplay and NHL career, he is equally well-known for his beautiful marriage and family life with his wife, Sarah.

Erik Gudbranson Wife Sarah Gudbranson Is A Professional Dentist

The Columbus defenseman, Erik Gudbranson, tied the knot to his wife, Sarah, in September 2019. The couple has been married for more than three years.

Sarah Sweetnam has been practicing clinical dentistry for the past five years. July marks the date of her joining the field after she graduated from Nova Southeastern University in 2017.

She is a CAD/CAM certified dentist currently involved with the Vellore Village Family Dentistry in Woodbridge, Ontario, since August 2019.

Before that, she worked for Citigate Dental from November 2010 to January 2021, Cottage Country Dental from July to October 2020, Besserer Dental Centre in early 2020, and Georgia Dental Group from July 2017 to April 2019.

Sweetnam’s LinkedIn suggests she also holds a Bachelor’s Degree in Medical Sciences from Western University. She graduated in 2012 and was notable in her uni days as she made it to the Dean’s Honor List, Triathlon Club, Pre-Med Society, and Pre-Dental Society.

A busy person, from handling her career, and her love life, to her children and family, Sarah is a sorted-out woman. Moreover, she uses her social media handles, especially her Instagram handle, to share dentistry thoughts and address medical topics.

Not only she uses the platform to share her gorgeous pictures, but she is wary of her position as a dental expert and has joined with her colleagues to make educational videos on dental health.

Thus, she has evolved as one of the most famous NHL wives while keeping her distance from the wide limelight. Interestingly, some of the main achievements of her life also include her talent as a Level 1 skating coach in Canada. As a native Canadian, Mrs. Gudbranson is knowledgeable in many fields.

Moreover, her kind personality has made her volunteer at the SOS Children’s Villages International since April 2016. Hence, there is no doubt that her marriage with Erik won’t be a success.

Erik Gudbranson And Wife Sarah Age Gap

Erik Gudbranson and his beloved wife Sarah are enjoying the best lives in their 30s coming in 2022.

The two married on July 6, 2019, at Sherwood Inn in Muskoka, Ontario, when the defenseman was 27. He turned 30 on January 7 this year, while Sarah’s birthday falls on March 9 every year.

However, the complete deets on Mrs. Gudbranson’s birthdate are still in consideration, while she appears flawlessly beautiful in her Instagram pictures.

No matter the age difference, Erik, or “Rick,” the nickname of the Blue Jackets star player by his wife, the two have lived happily for the past years. They had dated for a long time, as far as 2014, before getting engaged on March 17, 2018. 

Sarah’s Instagram is a gateway into her beautiful life, where she traveled and enjoyed in different cities even before she had started dating the NHL player. One of the first pictures the future Mrs. Gudbranson shared on her profile was their selfie from Ottawa Blues Festival on July 5, 2014.

Since then, the couple has continued to travel around the American and Canadian cities, looking for fun and settling down once in a while. 

The pair have been to many cities, including Schreiber, Toronto, London, Ft Lauderdale, Vancouver, Calgary, Pittsburgh, Nashville, Columbus, and Muskoka, throughout these years.

Gradually, Sarah and Erik became closer to each other’s family and friends’ circle, realizing that the two are each other’s soulmates. Thus, there have been no reports of sour bonds between these two in the past years.

With much happiness, only love grows among this NHL husband and wife pair as they have welcomed beautiful angels into their marriage.

Erik Gudbranson And Sarah Have Two Adorable Kids Together

Erik Gudbranson and Sarah Swetnam have seen happy days in their married life as they have embraced the responsibilities of parents to their two adorable children.

Being parents in their 30s has made them exceptional parents, as the two cherish each day with their little ones. After two years of their marriage, the Gudbranson pair had first welcomed their child.

And as of 2022, this couple has again become parents to another little one. Not only have they brought happiness to themselves and their family, but Erik’s fandom is equally joyous to receive the good news.

Bennett William Gudbranson

The eldest Gudbranson child is Erik and Sarah’s son, Bennett, aka Benny. The young lad came into this world on April 6, 2021, at 2:29 pm.

Sarah had posted a picture on her Instagram announcing the birth of her beloved son. The post clarified that Benny was born eleven days past his due date and his Zumba instructor-mother had to go under thirty-one hours of labor and an emergency C-section to welcome him into his parents’ arms.

Erik was at the hospital to support his wife throughout the harsh times as she struggled in labor. Sadly, the NFL defenseman had to leave his family to travel again for his games. He was traded to Nashville Predators in the U.S.A six days after Benny’s birth.

Hence, it was pretty hard for the trio to stay together during that time though they kept waiting for the day to be together.

Sarah shared the hardships of Erik leaving the country while he had to leave his wife and newly born son through a post at that time. Overcoming the shortcomings, the three are together and have grown in size as of 2022. 

Zoey Isabelle Gudbranson 

The year 2022 marked a big year for the Gudbranson family as Erik knabbed a whopping $16 million contract with the Columbus Blue Jackets in April while welcoming his daughter in August.

Zoey, the family’s little princess, was born on August 25 this year, weighing six pounds and six ounces. Unlike her brother, who was born in Canada, the only Gudbranson daughter arrived at a hospital in Columbus, Ohio.

She is also referred to as “Baby Z” by her parents. The little one recently celebrated Halloween with her brother as the two had dressed up as Maui and Moana for the big day.

The siblings’ cute pictures have taken over the NHL fans while they wait for more on the internet.