Bering Sea Gold Shawn Pomrenke Has 4 Kids From His Past Relationships

Shawn Pomrenke has four kids from two of his former partners. The TV personality has two daughters and two sons named Emily, Catherine, Dylan, and Luke, respectively.

Shawn Pomrenke can be seen in different shows and has been working as a renowned television personality. He is a regular cast member of the show Bering Sea Gold.

Shawn was born on March 26, 1975, in Minnesota, U.S.A., to his parents, Steve Pomrenke and Catherine Gray. The reality TV star was raised in his hometown, Minnesota, alongside his brother Erick.

They were settled in Minnesota. However, in 1986, his father opted for a mechanic’s job and shifted to Nome, Alaska, along with his family. Shawn was also blessed with his little sister Ash Nikki Pomrenke was born in 1986. The television personality attended Beltz High School and helped his father as he was heavily influenced by his father’s business and looked up to him. 

Shawn started working with his father at the age of 14. However, Steve left his job as a mechanic and began his profession as a professional gold miner. His father was involved in a lawsuit, eventually leading Shawn to handle his father’s business. 

Shawn Pomrenke Fathers 4 Kids From Former Relationships

Shawn Pomrenke has four kids from two of his former partners named Emily, Catherine, Dylan, and Luke.

Shawn was initially married to his first wife Jeanette, who worked as an environmental activist. After their marriage, the couple was blessed with two children, Dylan and Emily.

As he separated from his first wife, Shawn got into a relationship with a woman named Wendie Lou. The husband and wife gave birth to their daughter, Catherine, in 1993. The couple went through some ups and downs in their life and eventually called their marriage off. However, Wendie passed away in December 2017 after being married to her second husband. 

Later, in 2012, Shawn introduced another woman on his show ‘Bering Sea Gold.’ The woman, Jennie Schield, was his fiancée and was looking forward to marrying. The duo also had a son named Luke Pomrenke, but this relationship also did not work out. 

Shawn’s first daughter Emily is a brilliant student studying Fine Arts at the University of Alaska Fairbanks. She is known to be a part of the Caleb Scholars Program and is officially dating her boyfriend, Thomas Byrant. 

Catherine Janelle Pomrenke, Shawn’s second daughter, owns a company named Kapuq Akmommade, which sells personally designed apparel, and has made Shawn a grandfather of her five children with Oluk Sherman. On the other hand, Luke is still in school and is being co-parented by his parents.

Shawn’s Eldest Son Dylan Pomrenke Is Married To Mary Ruud

Shawn’s eldest son Dylan Pomrenke is married to his wife, Mary Rud.

Dylan, the eldest son of Shawn, is a married man and was officially hitched to his wife, Mary. The couple got married on January 2021 in a sophisticated ceremony officiated by his father, Shawn.

Dylan and Mary were in a relationship way before they finally decided to get married. The duo married in a well-themed event, under the rustic wooden arch, with flowers made by Dylan. Mary was downed in a mesmerizing parka dress she had made uniquely for their glorious event. The ceremony was a simple, joyous occasion filled with love and happiness.

Daughter Emily Pomrenke Is An Artist

Emily Pomerenke is an aspiring artist establishing her career successfully.

Emily is a fine arts student and is pursuing her degree. She aims to be a well-established artist and looks forward to having a bright future in art and sculpting.

She is passionate about pursuing her dream and loves learning more about it. 

Catherine Janelle Pomrenke Is Engaged To Oluk Sherman

Catherine Janelle Pomrenke is engaged to her fiance Oluk Sherman.

Catherine Janelle Pomrenke is the daughter of Shawn with his second wife, Wendie Lou.

She is happily engaged to her long-time boyfriend, Oluk Sherman. The successful entrepreneur is also the mother of five children with her fiance. 

Shawn Pomrenke Youngest Son Is Luke Pomrenke

Shawn Pomrenke’s youngest son is Luke Pomrenke. 

Shawn had a son, Luke, with his ex-fiance, Jennie Schield. Luke is close to both of his parents.

However, he spends most of his time with his mother and has some adorable pictures on social media with her. He is still completing his elementary schooling and growing up well.