Andreas Athanasiou Parents Stanley And Nadira Athanasiou Are From Different Countries

Andreas Athanasiou and his parents, Stanley And Nadira Athanasiou, moved to Woodbridge from Canada. His father works for Air Canada as a pilot.

The NHL (National Hockey League) forward player Andreas Athanasiou signed a 1-Year (2022-2023) contract for $3 million with an NHL team Chicago Blackhawks.

After two great seasons for Los Angeles Kings, 28 years old Andreas is looking forward to playing with his fourth NHL team. Before Angeles Kings, he played hockey for Edmont Oilers and Detroit Red Wings.

Red Wings was his first team as they drafted him in the NHL Draft 2012. He made his NHL debut in 2015. After four prominent seasons for Detroit, he got treated to Edmonton Oilers for a season in 2019. He has played 378 games and has 105 goals, 96 assists, and 196 points.

Andreas Athanasiou Parents Are Stanley And Nadira Athanasiou

Andreas Athanasiou was raised by parents Stanley Athanasiou and Nadira Athanasiou in London, Ontario, Canada.

They come from different countries, and after marriage, they shifted to Canada, but they are living a happy life in Virginia, America.

Andreas’ dad Stanley is a commercial pilot for Air Canada, whereas his mother, Nadira, was a housemaker who had a significant role in her children’s success. As a pilot, traveling across the country is not a big deal for Stanley.

Athanasiou’s parents were very supportive from the start and financially healthy too. Stanley earns $105K, which is the average salary of Air Canada’s Pilots, according to Glassdoor.

They both are happy to see Andreas’ success; that is what they really wish for.

Meet Andreas Athanasiou Siblings

Andreas Athanasiou grew up with two siblings who were like his friends to share his personal feeling. His siblings are Dimitri Athanasiou and Nicholas Athanasius.

In an interview, Andreas said that his siblings are mad about sports. They played almost every sport that they wanted to play. They still watch sports, including Hockey, Football, Tennis, Basketball, and so on.

Dimitri was involved in ice skating. Currently, he is working with Web3 organizations, is interested in recent technology trends, and supporting his brother in NHL.

They played with each other and talked about sports, which helped them build up a great sibling bond and a love for sports.

Andreas Athanasiou Comes From A Diverse Family Background

Andreas Athanasiou’s ethnicity is Greek-Guyanese, as his father was from the Soccer-mad nation of Greece, and his Mother was from Guyana. He was born in London, UK but later shifted to Canada at age 5.

In an interview, Andreas said that he didn’t expect his childhood was all-happy. He thought he could be discriminated against because of his ethnicity, but he said he was lucky to meet all great people during childhood.

He said he was prepared for this racism because he likes to mind his own business, but he was thankful that it never happened.