What are the different types of pool liners?

Understanding the Different Types of Pool Liners – TMC Custom
  • Overlap Liners. Overlap liners are among the most popular types of liners that are used in today’s pools.
  • Beaded Pool Liners. Another type of liner that you may want to consider for your pool is a beaded pool liner.
  • J-Hook Liners. J-hook liners are available for installation in both in ground and above ground pools.

What type of pool liner is best?

I recommend using unibead liners for a couple of reasons.

Tile prints make the pool look better and more like a traditional in-ground pool. Unibead liners only hang about an inch over the wall so you can’t see the liner from the outside of the pool’s wall which also looks better.

What is better overlap or Unibead pool liner?

Unibead Liner as a J-Hook Liner

Since it is custom cut for the height of the pool wall as well and the length and the width, a J-hook liner is easier to install than an overlap liner. We recommend Unibead liners to be used just the way they come out of the box, as a j-hook liner.

How do you know what type of pool liner you need?

Most pools have a 6-8″ shelf at the top of the pool wall that might be fragile. Once you have exposed the top rail/coping then you‘ll need to take a look at how the liner is attached to the pool wall. The way it is attached will determine whether you have an overlap, beaded or U/J bead liner.

What is the best thickness for a pool liner?

When you are choosing a liner for your pool, liner thickness is one of the choices you will need to make. The two choices for in-ground pools are 20 mil and 27/28 mil. For the 27/28 mil, some companies call it 27 mil, while some call it 28 mil.

What is the difference between beaded and Unibead pool liners?

Because they install evenly around the pool wall, Beaded liners flaunt beautiful designs and patterns including wall borders and tile trims. Unibead Beaded Liners: Unibead pool liners are the ultimate in versatility and have a two-in-one feature that allows you to replace an Overlap liner with a Unibead liner.

Is a thicker pool liner better?

Thicker pool liners are more puncture resistant, true – but they also contain more resins and plasticizers, so… a thicker liner should withstand harsh water conditions and UV exposure better than thinner.

Can you install a new pool liner over the old one?

The short and sweet answer here is no. It is not a good idea to leave the old pool liner in your above ground swimming pool when replacing the liner. Installing a pool liner also requires you to redo or re-groom the bottom of the pool base and add a liner pad before installation.

How do you tell if you have a beaded pool liner?

If your swimming pool requires a beaded pool liner, you will be able to see this track by looking under the top rail on the inside of the above ground swimming pool. An overlap style liner is folded over the wall of the swimming pool and held in place underneath the top rail of the above ground swimming pool.

What is a dual bead pool liner?

This liner is designed with a dual bead. The liner can. be used as a Beaded liner used in conjunction with. a bead receiver or as a Hung liner, which is placed. directly over the pool wall.

What is a J-hook pool liner?


Also referred to also as a “Jhook because they are so close in design it makes them interchangeable. This type of liner bead looks like a hook (or an upside-down ¨J¨) which slides over the pool wall. The Jhook hangs the liner over the wall, instead of using a track.

What is an EZ Bead pool liner?

EZBead. The EZBead bead type is two beads in one; it can be used as either a standard bead that fastens into a bead receiver on the pool wall or as a J-hook used ‘as it is’ – hanging on the pool wall. There is no need to modify the bead to utilize either of these installation methods.

What is the best type of above ground pool liner?

Overlap Liners for AboveGround Pools
  • Swimline Blue Overlap Liner.
  • Swimline Overlap Oval Pool Swirl Liner.
  • Smartline Boulder Swirl Above Ground Pool Liners.
  • Blue Wave Bead Liner for Above Ground Pools.
  • Swimline Grand Tile Unibead Pool Liner.